Celtic Park atmosphere earned, not a given, says Ange Postecoglou

By Euan Davidson

August 7, 2021

Celtic manager Ange Postecoglou says his team need to make a case for supporters to get behind them.

The Greek-Aussie manager will experience his first Scottish Premiership home tie tomorrow afternoon. 25,000 or so supporters are expected to take their seats to see Celtic take on Dundee, before a predicted full house against FK Jablonec on Thursday.

Postecoglou is excited for fans to bring the noise. However, he realises it’s a privilege, not a right. For the former Australia boss, it’s about his side making a case for them to get excited.

Ahead of the Dundee game, the Celtic manager said [Glasgow Times]:

“It won’t be a full house, but there will still be 25,000-odd in there and it’ll be a good challenge.

“I think it works both ways. There’s no doubt it’s an important ingredient in playing games at home, the energy a crowd gives you.

FK Jablonec 2-4 Celtic | LIVE Reaction

FK Jablonec 2-4 Celtic | LIVE Reaction

“Last week playing at Hearts, you could tell their crowd really gave them some energy. I’m sure that’s what the supporters will give us, but we’ve got to give them some hope and belief as well.

“It works both ways. The energy goes both ways. If they see a team have a willing desire to play aggressive football at home and take it to our opponents, they’ll get behind us.

“We’ve got to have them believe in what we’re doing. It works both ways.”

Celtic boss Ange Postecoglou too smart to insult intelligence of supporters

If Celtic manager Ange Postecoglou didn’t get us, he wouldn’t say stuff like this. Again, he’s bang on. Celtic supporters are passionate, vibrant and most of all, noisy. However, we also have high standards.

While I don’t speak for supporters en masse, it wouldn’t be unfair to say we would put up with less than 100% effort from Celtic players. Therefore, Postecoglou is correct; it’s a privilege, not a right. There’ll be a huge welcome for the players, but the famous atmosphere is something that’s earned.

We will always back the team; that’s not the point that’s being made here. What Postecoglou is saying, though, is that it’s an exchange. If he can give Celtic fans reasons to get out of their seats, then the team will be rewarded with absolute and resolute backing.

Celtic supporters don’t ask for the moon on a stick. We want to see attacking football, players working hard, and results on the pitch. Achieve that, and we’ll back you to the hilt.

That’s what Ange Postecoglou wants. He’s smart enough to realise that backing isn’t just handed to you.

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