Celtic Park prices under the spotlight after support's Saturday return

By Dave Flanigan

July 17, 2022

The price of food and drink available at Celtic Park has come under fresh scrutiny upon fans’ return to Paradise for the 2-2 draw against Blackburn Rovers yesterday.

Celtic’s catering is provided by Sodexo Live who offer services to a number of events and stadia worldwide.

As pointed out by Twitter user @dmmcluskey94, their updated menus in the concourse kiosks featured some unusual prices at Saturday’s fixture.

Plenty of other supporters were more focused on the perceived lack of value for money. As examples, Twitter user @Georgina87x criticised the quality of the items available, whilst @celticforever9 suggested that the high prices were contradictory to Celtic’s founding message as a charitable body.

More unfortunate press for Celtic’s catering

It’s not the first time this year that Celtic’s catering has been criticised after fans were double-charged for card payments during the 2-0 win against St Mirren in March, with the issue resolved before anyone was left out of pocket.

The global pandemic and subsequent lockdowns have seen many businesses permanently opt for a cashless payment system to avoid unnecessary contact, and such small, easily reversible issues are to be expected whilst kinks are ironed out.

The same cannot be said for food prices. With the UK experiencing an unprecedented cost of living crisis, the club offering some more affordable options for fans would be, at worst, a show of faith after the fans’ financial backing during the pandemic and season behind closed doors.

Whilst the unusual pricing is itself a bizarre oddity, fans are right to take a more serious tone about the overall cost of food and drink available at the stadium, and it’s an issue that will only dissipate when a more agreeable pricing structure is put in place.

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