Celtic rivals forget how to celebrate, target Irish defender with banner

By Euan Davidson

March 5, 2021

After a season like this, Celtic supporters are due a laugh.

As has been customary over the last decade, that laugh has come at Rangers’ expense. Yes, we’ve lost out on 10IAR, but our rivals are using the opportunity to talk about Celtic.

In what can only be described as an incredible waste of money, two Rangers supporters stood outside an empty Celtic Park with a banner thanking Irish defender Shane Duffy [Sun]. The Brighton loanee has endured a torrid spell with his boyhood heroes. Still, he alone didn’t cost us the title, despite our rivals’ certainty of that being the case.

It’s just a bit daft, really.

The supporters set off flares outside – again – an empty Celtic Park, with a banner reading “Thanks for the memories Shane Duffy”. They then packed up the banner, and went home, affecting literally nobody associated with Celtic.

Duffy is an interesting target, certainly. Most recently, the Irishman has been the subject of foul online abuse. Instagram refused to follow-up on substantiated claims of bigotry aimed at the defender. Also, Duffy’s personal struggles have been well-reported.

We’re not suggesting anything other than Rangers fans laughing at a defender who’s had a bad time on the pitch. But you could suggest that there were other, more appropriate targets for derision. God knows Celtic supporters have made it clear who they blame for this dreadful campaign.

A raucous Celtic Park / (Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

Celtic living “rent free” in minds of supporters, despite their success

Yes, small-time behaviour is excellent. And given the laughs Celtic supporters have had over the last 9, 10 years, we’re due our medicine.

But this is childish in the extreme. The Hoops faithful have their own concerns to deal with; we’re without a manager, and there’s major upheaval going on behind the scenes at Celtic Park. No Celtic fan is going to be the least bit bothered about a banner, especially when there’s nobody there to see it.

Literally, the biggest in-person reaction they could’ve got was someone across the road tutting at them.

It bears repeating; no matter how often the Sun report it, Celtic fans aren’t bothered by what Rangers supporters have to say. Whether that’s online or on a bedsheet, such is the world at this moment. We are collectively quite aware that the league title is beyond us this season.

Nobody is more cognisant of that than the Celtic supporters. It’s a little redundant going “Wayyyy, ha ha Celtic” when we’ve already protested against the running of our club. It’s a bit like piling on after someone’s made a joke at their own expense. There’s no way to make that look classy.

So, if you’re a Rangers supporter, why not simply enjoy the title success with your fellow supporters? Why are you thinking about your opposition, in what’s meant to be a glorious moment?

Seems like a gigantic waste of time and effort.

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