Celtic Shared emphasise the need for Sunday demonstration

By Euan Davidson

August 6, 2021

Prominent Bhoys supporters’ group Celtic Shared have emphasised the need for the demonstration on Sunday.

Five prominent groups, including the North Curve, Green Brigade, Bhoys, Celtic Trust and Celtic Shared, are set to demonstrate outside Celtic Park on Sunday [North Curve].

Emphasising the need to back the new Celtic boss, and arm him with more new players, representatives from Celtic Shared told the North Curve podcast about the need for Sunday’s action.

Paul, of Celtic Shared, said [North Curve Podcast]:

“What we want to do is just put the board on notice, just to make sure they know we’re still keeping a close eye on this. We didn’t want to burst that positivity, we wanted to get behind Ange, which is why the [original] demo was about meeting the team, and supporting them.

“Unfortunately, since the football has started, we go into [European] games completely unprepared for the challenges of European football. And really predictably, things start to fall apart.

FK Jablonec 2-4 Celtic | LIVE Reaction

FK Jablonec 2-4 Celtic | LIVE Reaction

“We’re hopeful that the season can still be rectified, it’s still very early, there’s a lot to fight for, a lot to play for. But we need that board to get their finger out.

“It could’ve been Pep Guardiola, Jose Mourinho, it doesn’t matter who it is. If you don’t give the manager the tools to succeed, the players, and back him to put his vision into practice, then no manager is going to be able to bring success.

“This is on the board now. We’ve backed them, we’re behind Ange, they have to step up and do their part. And that’s what Sunday’s all about.”

It’s clear: Celtic boss won’t succeed without sufficient backing, according to Celtic Shared ahead of demonstration

Although there is some good feeling around Celtic Park of late, the same problems remain.

The board have backed Ange Postecoglou, to a degree, but the anger at figures like Ian Bankier has gained volume. In lucrative Champions League qualifiers, Ange Postecoglou was forced to use untested Academy players like Dane Murray.

For a club of Celtic’s size, that isn’t really good enough. Year after year, smaller but better organised sides are knocking us out of Europe’s premier club competition.

The dismay in the Celtic fanbase won’t have been helped by the club charging for the first home European game with a capacity crowd since February 2020.

So, Celtic Shared are right. While it can be seen as divisive, a demonstration can be many things. Backing the team, but asking questions of the board has been a theme of Celtic protest for a long time.

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