Celtic supporters are sure to get golden Kieran Tierney moments in Arsenal's Amazon doc

By Euan Davidson

July 9, 2021

Former Celtic hero Kieran Tierney and his Arsenal teammates are set to star in an Amazon documentary.

“All Or Nothing”, which previous followed the travails of José Mourinho’s Tottenham Hotspur, and Guardiola’s Manchester City, haven’t travelled far to find their next club of interest. According to the Evening Standard:

“Filming will begin shortly to cover the upcoming 2021-22 season as Mikel Arteta looks to improve upon the worst domestic season in a generation.”

After plenty of meme-worthy moments emerging from the prior two series, there’ll surely be some entertainment. For Mikel Arteta, it’s maybe an unwanted distraction. Tierney, meanwhile, will surely feature prominently. An unquestionable fan favourite, Tierney has delighted Gunners fans by – as far as we can tell – being really normal.

The series will launch in 2022, helmed by a production team including BAFTA winner John Douglas.

The success of in-depth football documentaries is plainly obvious. Along with the Tottenham Hotspur effort, Netflix offerings Sunderland ‘Til I Die and Maradona In Mexico have become huge hits.

Kieran Tierney and his Arsenal teammates set for Amazon stardom

Will we get some much-needed insight on Kieran Tierney’s bag choices? Or, more likely, will fans become even more enamoured with the former Celtic man? Alongside the likes of Bukayo Saka and Hector Bellerin, Tierney works in a dressing room with plenty of personality.

Photo by Tottenham Hotspur FC/Tottenham Hotspur FC via Getty Images

Whether you’re Arsenal inclined or not, these documentaries tend to be a good watch. From a Celtic perspective, it could be fun to see how KT is getting on in London. A refreshingly down-to-earth character in the Premier League, it’d be a bizarre choice not to feature him prominently.

For broadcasters, it’s an easy sell. Football is, in and of itself, an incredibly dramatic sport. Add to that the thirst for behind-the-scenes footage at big clubs, and you’re on to a winner by default.

Could we see a similar thing happen at Celtic? It would’ve been blockbuster viewing last season, that’s for sure.

Whether any of us actually would’ve wanted to relive any of 20-21, however, is a very different matter.

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