Pals rinse humble Kieran Tierney for Arsenal antics after Celtic exit

By Euan Davidson

May 7, 2021

Remember the fuss about former Celtic player Kieran Tierney carrying his boots in a Tesco bag?

It didn’t seem like a huge deal to us up here. To supporters in England, though, it was seen as an example of how down-to-earth Tierney was. There was talk of his humility, how there need to be more players like him, and so on and so forth [Scotsman].

In fairness to KT, while it was an unwitting gesture of class solidarity, it was pretty cool. Even the most placid of football fans probably get annoyed by the constant advertising in football, the image-obsessed clubs and the overall sanitisation of the modern game.

That’s all fine and well. Except to his Celtic supporting pals, who absolutely rinsed him.

Tierney told FourFourTwo:

“When my mates from back home saw the picture of me with my boots in a carrier bag, they were straight onto me.

“They said I had changed, because I’d gone from Aldi and Lidl to Tesco!”

“Everyone else commenting seemed to be talking about how refreshing it was, but my mates were slaughtering me. It wasn’t something I’d thought twice about. I had a pair of boots I had to take with me, and the only thing I had in the house was a Tesco bag. If they’re reading this, I’m still waiting on that endorsement deal!”

Kieran Tierney lifts one of Celtic’s nine titles in a row / (Photo by Mark Runnacles/Getty Images)

Celtic miss Kieran Tierney, the down-to-earth, humble talent

If we miss anyone from the last few seasons, it’s the lion-hearted Kieran Tierney. Arsenal fans have already had their own Scottish Cup 2017 moment [Sun], in a sense. While he couldn’t help the Gunners win, Tierney’s incredible return to the side after being hitherto ruled out with an injury was a Lazarus-esque moment that stunned Arsenal supporters [Daily Record].

It sounds like a cliché, but despite all his injury woes, Tierney would still run through a brick wall for his employers. At Celtic, he looked set to be the next captain, and wore the armband on a few occasions.

In North London, he’ll surely be their next dressing room leader, should he remain at the club. The Gunners have slid under Mikel Arteta, and it’s possible an elite European side would fancy the work ethic and quality of Kieran Tierney.

That being the case, they’ll need to supply the left-back with some kind of new bag.

Lest he get more pelters from his mates back in Glasgow.

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