Celtic wish Ntcham a happy birthday; fans react with excellent humour

By Euan Davidson

February 9, 2021

Celtic fans, sometimes you just have to laugh.

Laugh through it all. Through the pain of this absolute disaster of a season. The club’s shocking mismanagement, the players who should’ve been good but under-performed. Chuckle as we continue with a manager who just isn’t tactically clever enough.

When the club was in crisis, they released a chocolate bar. Even our in-house staff being wished a happy birthday is met with revulsion. If the Premiership was decided by patter, Celtic would’ve achieved 10IAR this year.

So – and yes, this actually happened – the club wished Olivier Ntcham a happy birthday today. The same Ntcham who was desperate to move on, and has had the week from hell. Technically still under Celtic’s employ, the club tweeted its customary message, and… well.

You know what happened here. But some of the responses are class. No matter what’s going on, we will never lose our collective sense of humour. During seasons like this one, we’ve needed it, no doubt.

Side-note: it’s odd that the club chose the following picture of the French midfielder rather than, say, doing a backflip at Hampden. Scoring against Lazio, or Rangers would’ve been a good option. Instead, they chose this:

See? Plenty of pictures like this about. / (Photo by Paolo Bruno/Getty Images)

Celtic wish Olivier Ntcham a birthday, inevitable occurs

It took no time at all after Celtic wishing Olivier Ntcham a happy birthday for things to turn out how you’d expect. Here are some of our favourite reactions.


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