"Taken for granted"; Chris Sutton and Ally McCoist agree on shortchanging of Celtic fans

By Euan Davidson

February 19, 2021

Chris Sutton and Ally McCoist make for good telly.

The Celtic and Rangers legends respectively are never shy in giving an opinion or two. Sutton, specifically, doesn’t seem to care a jot about whether he’s following Celtic supporter orthodoxy. From one week to the next, the M’ON-era hero treats the club party line like a bucking bronco.

Regardless of whether you agree with him or not, you can’t deny he’s entertaining. And frankly, Ally McCoist can be, too. Entertainment is the man’s speciality, as proven when he played a Celtic striker in ‘A Shot At Glory’ [IMDb].

As ever, the duo were paired off on BT Sport’s Scottish Football Extra. Despite having wildly different playing careers, the two were unanimous: the situation at Celtic is a shambles.

Ally McCoist, Fictional Celtic player, at the premiere of A Shot At Glory / (Photo by Sebastian Artz/Getty Images)

Chris Sutton and Ally McCoist agree: Celtic are letting fans down

Sutton was first to rock the mic, prompted by host Darrell Currie to discuss the latest goings-on at Celtic.

He said:

“I think if you’re a Celtic supporter, you’re going to be worried about the direction the club is going in.

“There have been a lot of promises about a review and coming out and telling the Celtic fans what’s going to happen. They are owed that. And there is no clarification on what’s going on next season.

“Even if the board want to keep Neil Lennon in charge, just come out and say. Come out and tell us what the plan is. But that hasn’t been the case. We all understand the fans’ ire at the moment.”

Chris Sutton was echoed by Ally McCoist, who added:

“There was a public statement made to the Celtic supporters, letting everybody know they were going to have a look at the situation. The Celtic supporters would be informed of what’s happening at the end of January.

“It looks to me as though they’ve effectively told the Celtic supporters “we haven’t made made our minds up”, which isn’t what Celtic supporters would want to hear.”

Sutton on Glasgow Derby duty / (Photo by Phil Cole/Getty Images)

Sutton in tune with Season Ticket dilemma

As debate rages on about season ticket renewals [67 Hail Hail YouTube], Sutton seems in tune with the internal arguments many Celtic supporters are having.

Sutton said:

“Celtic want to sell season tickets. If you’re a Celtic fan at this moment in time and there’s no clear plan… this is hard-earned cash. Celtic fans won’t want to spend their cash again when they’re unhappy with the situation and there is no plan going forward.

“That’s of paramount importance, getting a message out to the supporters, saying “this is the direction in which we are heading.””

“The club have to come out and clarify the situation so Celtic fans aren’t being taken for granted. I don’t think it’s a lot to ask for.”

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