Chris Sutton on "staggering" criticism of Celtic boss Ange Postecoglou

By Euan Davidson

October 2, 2021

Beloved former Celtic striker Chris Sutton has laid waste to critics of manager Ange Postecoglou.

Reacting to the hysteria over recent results, Sutton – who never tends to hold back – reacted with typical vigour to criticism of the Greek-Aussie boss.

Postecoglou, who said he “loves” the kind of scrutiny he’s under, was parachuted into a chaotic time at Celtic. The context of the manager implementing fan-pleasing tactics, the squad overhaul he had to do, and the several injuries he’s had to deal with are being ignored, argues Sutton.

In his Daily Record column, the former Celtic striker [Daily Record]:

“The same people who were rational in July when the guy was dumped into the middle of a shambles and making it quite clear that he was going to need at least a season to sort out the mess are now losing their shape after three months of his reign.

“I find the whole thing staggering. What’s the alternative? Sack him? Lose faith in a guy within 12 weeks after a massive overhaul? Really?

The Ange Postecoglou Celtic debate is all wrong

The Ange Postecoglou Celtic debate is all wrong
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“Get in a new manager who will want to bring his own players in again? Do me a favour.

“Postecoglou is just starting one of the biggest overhauls the club has had for many a long year and folk seem to think change should be instant.

“Two wins in eight games isn’t a brilliant statistic but I’m not sure exactly where people thought Celtic would be at this stage of this rebuild.

“Know what? I’ve a hunch they might just get there with this manager once it all settles down and his patterns are fully established with guys who can do it.”

Chris Sutton pleads patience for Celtic boss Ange Postecoglou

Chris Sutton is bang-on here, and we don’t always agree with him. But the situation Ange Postecoglou inherited was an absolute mess.

From having a squad of title-winners, only a handful of players remain. Even fewer are ones who have experience of winning trophies with Celtic. That’s how new so much of this squad is, and had to be.

What’s more, the standard of football was so dire last season, that it was always going to take time to improve. As frustrating as it is, that’s the nature of a “rebuild”.

Photo by NEIL HANNA/AFP via Getty Images

We’ve already seen ample evidence than when Postecoglou has the players to get it right, he invariably has done. Thumping home wins gave real optimism, and improved the atmosphere ten-fold. Not just in the stadium, either; fans from all over the world were singing the manager’s praises.

If he’s given some time, Postecoglou can recreate those scenes. Because Sutton is right; the idea of bringing someone else in at this stage is lunacy. It just wouldn’t work at all.

Change isn’t instant. Yes, it’s annoying to see us squander opportunities. Of course, he’s not going to get everything right straight away. But he has a CV full of examples of short-term pain for memorable long-term gain.

Chris Sutton is right – Ange Postecoglou needs time to prove himself, in a season any manager would’ve found challenging.

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