Celtic Park is finally confirmed to be featuring in the latest edition of EA Sports’ football video game series and the club have uploaded some footage of the render to social media this afternoon.

EA Sports are the creators of the acclaimed FIFA series, which has been renamed to EA Sports FC, or FC24 for this year’s edition.

Celtic fans have long wanted an official inclusion of Paradise in the game series but have had to make do with the mythical East Point Arena.

Now though, Celtic have posted a video of the Bhoys’ stadium in all its glory in-game and it’s impressive to see such a familiar sight replicated with the latest graphics. You can see the clip via this link or the embed below.

It mixes the created stadium with real footage and it’s uncanny seeing the in-game camera fly around the stadium bowl. This is sure to be a hit with supporters of the Bhoys and the annual football release.

The short clip is already attracting a lot of positive social media attention, with plenty pleasantly surprised despite rumours circulating for a few months this was on the cards.

The game will be released on all platforms come September 29th, although as Celtic have pointed out, those who pre-order the ‘ultimate edition’ will get access one week early.

Seeing it all come together at Celtic Park, playing as the Scottish Champions, will be a real treat. Kudos to all of those who put this deal together!

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