Conor McGregor Celtic chat prompts huge online reaction; how much he is worth and what it means

By John McGinley

May 10, 2021

This is a story we weren’t really expecting at Celtic this week – Irish MMA megastar Conor McGregor is interested in taking a stake in the Hoops.

He revealed the stance in a Twitter Q+A overnight, prompting a huge reaction from online supporters.

Apparently, a conversation has taken place regarding him acquiring shares from prominent shareholder Dermot Desmond.

It’s a pretty massive story considering he is one of the most famous sportspeople in the world, as well as the fact Celtic supporters aren’t exactly overjoyed with the club ownership at this present time.

But how viable is it? Could McGregor pull something like that off?

How much is he worth?

First of all, McGregor has serious cash and not just from his fighting exploits. Talksport reported late last year he has a net worth of as much as £100m.

Since then, he’s sold his whiskey company Proper 12, in which he held a significant stake, for a reported $600m. [ESPN]

He might not quite be a Dermot Desmond yet, but something I’ve learned about McGregor over the years is never to write him off. He has legitimate cash to burn and the determination to become even richer.

I’m not as much of a fan of him as I used to be due to various out-of-the-octagon scandals, but I’ve followed his career since around 2013 and, like many, saw his rag to riches story unfold in the UFC.

Is this about Celtic, or about Conor McGregor?

The other thing to know about McGregor is that he is no fool when it comes to self-promotion and creating headlines. He’ll know that simply by using the Manchester United and Celtic names he creates global headlines with regards to his sports owner ambitions.

Even if there is no viability with regards to football, no doubt that tweet has kicked off a tonne of business interest from other parties.

So yes, take it all with a pinch of salt right now. Especially since Desmond seems happy holding the reins at Celtic for a while yet.

However, you can’t deny he generates publicity and a sea of Celtic fans have taken to Twitter today to share their thoughts on it all, demonstrating how powerful a McGregor and Bhoys link-up could be from a marketing perspective if nothing else…

In other news, Celtic must take motivation from trashy, embittered and out of order Rangers.