Latest report suggests Dominic McKay is already making big decisions at Celtic

By David Walton

May 24, 2021

As the spotlight undoubtedly goes back on to the seemingly imminent Eddie Howe appointment, it’s become clear that Dominic McKay is already making big moves at Celtic.

McKay hasn’t officially taken over from Peter Lawwell as of yet. That isn’t due to happen until July 1st when the former Chief Executive steps down. In the meantime, a smooth transitional period was said to be underway.

However, it seems as though we shouldn’t mistake that for McKay being a right-hand man over that period. The Daily Record reports that it’s McKay who’s leading the charge to appoint Howe and a potential Director of Football.

They claim that McKay wants everything sorted by the end of the week with regards to Howe. They also report that he’s closing in on a Director of Football appointment once the manager is in place.

This may come as a surprise to supporters that McKay si currently so hands-on. From the outside looking in, it originally appeared as though he was simply learning the ropes over his transitional period. This looks like it couldn’t be further from the case.

"Carl Starfelt to Celtic is a big possibility" | Swedish journalist Anel Avdić

Dominic McKay will hopefully continue to be hands-on with Celtic supporter engagement

What’s promising about this is that it’s clear McKay knows the importance of getting things sorted now. With Bournemouth eliminated from the English Championship playoffs, there’s nothing holding back Celtic from appointing Howe any longer.

His moves to get him in immediately show promising initiative. As does the fact that he appears to have been making progress on the new DoF in recent weeks. Hopefully, he has something to announce on that front soon.

McKay always did show himself to be a forward thinker during his time with Scottish Rugby. The progress of the Scotland national team as well as both Glasgow and Edinburgh sides helped bring a renewed interest in the sport in this country. In other words, he managed to engage supporters and attract them to rugby.

Peter Lawwell, outgoing Celtic CEO / (Photo by Jeff Holmes/Getty Images)

He has a massive communication challenge on his hands with the Celtic fanbase now after a year of sheer apathy towards the boardroom. If he can build relationships with fans and provide clarity and accountability across the club, there’s nothing more we can ask for.

In the meantime, however, he appears to have been moving quickly to get our managerial team in place. Something that, personally, I thought was going to be the job of Lawwell. McKay appears eager to impress, and doesn’t seem like the kind of figure who’ll wait around for things to happen.

The fact he’s already making big decisions at Celtic, during what’s supposed to be a transitioning period, shows promising strength.

In other news, Celtic are reportedly closing in on a new Director of Football.