Dundee United man Butcher warns he won't change despite horror tackle in last Celtic game

By Euan Davidson

January 28, 2022

Dundee United man Calum Butcher has sent a warning to ankles everywhere; despite his horror tackle in the last meeting with Celtic, and subsequent suspension, he won’t change.

In a week that’s been dominated by disciplinary chat, Butcher has sent out a warning. Butcher, whose tackle on David Turnbull somehow only warranted a yellow from Don Robertson in December, has insisted he won’t mix up his approach.

The tough-tackling Englishman was banned for “serious foul play” after his late, reckless lunge on Turnbull [Sky Sports]. Having served the suspension, his second of the season, he may well feature against Celtic tomorrow, and the Dundee United player has clearly learnt nothing.

Photo by Steve Welsh/Pool via Getty Images

Butcher even admitted he was “disappointed” by the decision reached by the SFA’s disciplinary panel. In fairness, he’s only picked up 3 straight red cards in his professional career, according to Transfermarkt. At 30, though, you’d expect a bit more reflection about his approach.

Butcher said [Scottish Sun]: “Will I change? It’s how I play – on the edge of the game.

“I don’t want red cards because it’s not ideal, but it’s just the way I play and always has been. I was disappointed with how the Celtic one was dealt with on the back of my previous red.

“But I won’t change how I play the game. It is how I play and it’s when I’m at my best. If I change, you won’t get the real Calum Butcher.”

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Dundee United man Butcher won’t change for Celtic or anyone; Hoops midfielders will need to be canny

Listen, nobody is going to argue that a well-timed but combative challenge is a highlight of any game. Tackling is not a dirty word. It’s a contact sport, all of that.

But goodness me; for there to be absolutely zero attrition for a challenge like Calum Butcher’s on David Turnbull is astonishing. How Don Robertson, a superstar SFA referee, only awarded a yellow card at the time is a genuine mystery.

We talk about VAR, and rightly, too; you’d suspect if there was video assistant refereeing, Butcher would have been off. Again, though, we’re left with no real advantage here. It didn’t benefit Celtic remotely to see a player get suspended after the fact.

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As per, the standard of SFA refereeing is under the microscope. Don Robertson’s performance in the Alloa v Celtic game left a lot to be desired, and he’s far from the only referee to have questions asked this season. It’s just really, really poor stuff.

As for Butcher, he’s entitled to play how he wants if he’s aware that he’ll get punished (theoretically) for crossing that “line” of his. Celtic, already laden with injuries, will need to try to keep him out of the game as much as possible. For what it’s worth, Thomas Courts doesn’t seem the type to send his players out to hurt anyone.

But it should’ve been a red at the time, and a lesson about needlessly dangerous tackling from the SFA.

As per, it wasn’t, on either count.

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