Excited Tommy McIntyre confirms close working relationship between first-team and Celtic B

By Euan Davidson

July 16, 2021

Celtic B Team boss Tommy McIntyre has spoken about the importance of communication between the Celtic squads.

67 Hail Hail were there as members of the press and fan media put questions to the tenured Celtic youth coach. McIntyre, who has been a youth coach with Celtic since 2009, was speaking ahead of the Bhoys’ SLFL opener against Bonnyrigg Rose.

With the firm ideology of Ange Postecoglou through the door, and several young players making their mark in pre-season, McIntyre was asked by STV’s Raman Bhardwaj about the communication across the club.

McIntyre said:

“Fortunately now, we’ve got 8 young players who are eligible for the game tomorrow for us, who will be with the first team. They’ve had the benefit of training with the manager, and getting his methodology and his style of play.

“I’ve watched the first team train a couple of times as well. I think it looks really exciting, the players have settled in really well. So in terms of that transition, it’s important. We’ve got a good communication link between the staff, the B Team and the First Team.

“I think that transition, not just in terms of the football side, but sports science side, and the physical development of the players, I think that’s really key. Because ultimately you want your player to step up and not be phased by going to the first team.

“If we can control that side of it so that when they do go up… they’re not alienated by it. They’re really focussed, they know exactly where they fit in, what the demands are of training are with the first team, and they know exactly what in terms of position specifics they should be doing.”

Tommy McIntyre emphasises there’s a pathway from Celtic B Team to stardom

There was more than a glint of pride in Tommy McIntyre’s expression this morning.

Asked about the likes of Owen Moffat and Adam Montgomery playing for the B Team, McIntyre didn’t give too much away. However, his delight at some of his young charges making an impression for Ange Postecoglou’s first team was clear.

Responding to a poser from Joe McHugh of Video Celts, McIntyre said:

“There’s every chance Owen will be the first team tomorrow. You can see there’s been a lot of press, Callum McGregor gave Owen a lot of positivity. That’s one that’s really exciting for us.

“There’s more than just one; Dane Murray, Adam Montgomery, Ben Wylie, Leo Hjelde, Barry Coffey, [Karamoko] Dembele. So all these players have been with the first team, and equipped themselves very well, I believe.”

Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

It may just be for one season. However, with Postecoglou’s youth movement making steady progress, and real opportunities for young players to test themselves at a better standard, these are happier days for the Celtic Academy.

Provided they can keep up the conversations and continue to share resources, we could see even more young players make the first team in years to come.

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