Former Celtic captain Scott Brown on teammates trying to get Messi shirt

By Euan Davidson

August 25, 2021

Former Celtic captain Scott Brown wasn’t into getting the shirt from big-name opposition, even when it was Lionel Messi.

Broony faced the Argentinian sensation a number of times in his Celtic career. But when his teammates were asking for the now-PSG man’s shirt at half-time of Champions League encounters, the former Bhoys skipper was furious.

In a wide-ranging interview with the BBC, the current Aberdeen player and coach hilariously recounted his attitude to facing elite competition. Celtic played Barcelona, Paris Saint-Germain, Bayern Munich, Manchester City and plenty more in his time at Paradise.

Brown said [BBC]:

“I was never one to run and get a strip from other players. ‘Please, sir, can we swap shirts?’ I’ve never done it. I wouldn’t speak to them in the tunnel, I wouldn’t help them up off the floor if I fouled them, I wouldn’t speak to them after the game. That was my way of getting through. No respect.

“That time in Barcelona it was four or five at half-time and some of the lads were sprinting up the tunnel to try and get Messi’s strip and I was losing my head.

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“Why would you want to get somebody’s strip who’s just ripped you a new one? I’m looking at them. “Messi, Messi, please, strip, strip…” I went in and lost the plot. At the end of the game, they did the exact same.

“All those great players I played against and I never asked for a strip even though deep down I probably wanted to. Until they came looking for my strip I wasn’t going looking for theirs and I never saw Messi running down the tunnel after me going. “Broony, Broony, can I swap strips with you please?””

Hilarious Scott Brown/Messi shirt anecdote perfectly encapsulates what made Broony a great Celtic captain

The fact that Broony wasn’t in awe of any of his opposing players in the Champions League is, in some ways, quite funny. Especially the way he tells it.

Photo by TF-Images/TF-Images via Getty Images

While he did name some players who impressed him [BBC] – in typically blunt, funny style – it’s his inability to get in a flap about big names that is both humorous and a real testament to how he treated being Celtic captain.

Although we never conquered Europe with Broony in the way he would’ve wanted, the former Hibs man was never concerned about reputations or popularity.

If you were on the pitch with him, in the opposing team, you were just anyone.

That said, he could probably have served to decorate the walls of his home in more impressive fashion.

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