Gary Holt sympathises with Ryan Christie over social media abuse

By Hamish Carton

October 18, 2019

Livingston boss Gary Holt has sympathised with Celtic man Ryan Christie following the recent abuse he suffered on social media, but said that it’s just part and parcel of the platform nowadays.

Christie was forced to deactivate his Twitter account following some comments he received after his red card against Holt’s side. The Livi boss may have benefitted from the Scotland man’s moment of madness on the pitch but the has sympathy for what Christie had to deal with afterwards.

“I’ve got social media,” he told the Herald. “Do I use it? Not really. Very rarely do I write anything.

(Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

“But it’s the nature of the beast we’re in. That’s what you’ve got to accept when you agree to sign up to these things. You’re going to get that. Not everybody is going to blow smoke up your backside.

“Do I agree with that [the Christie abuse]? No, I don’t, I think it’s totally unjust.

“As I said at the time, Ryan’s a young lad learning the game, with massive potential, a star in the making, if not so already.

“He had a mistimed tackle and he’s getting castigated for it.

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“It’s totally changed now, you can’t do anything [away from football]. I still do, because it doesn’t bother me, and I’ll give as good as I get.”

Maybe Christie should just have left social media alone

Holt’s words are probably some of the best advice Christie will have received since the incident. The abuse that the Celtic man suffered from some (so called) supporters was unacceptable and a bad representation of the Celtic fanbase. It was wrong and should never have happened.

However, just as Holt says, you kind of have to accept that is going to be the case on the platform. It’s not a website for all fans to praise you to the hilt, and it often works in the complete opposite way as Christie unfortunately found out.

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Perhaps the next time he has a bad game he just won’t open the Twitter app and instead give it a few days. It’s unfortunate that Christie had to deactivate his account but perhaps next time he won’t give it a single thought.

That way he won’t give any credence to the morons on there.