John Hartson last night provided his instant thought as he stated the obvious when Celtic dropped points in Livingston.

Hartson had been involved in a rather public war of words with manager Neil Lennon over the last week. The big Welshman called for Neil to go on his Instant Celtic Reaction podcast. Lennon then responded by claiming that Hartson’s opinion meant nothing to him and that he had an “easy life” as a pundit (Daily Record).

That left John “hurt and disappointed” after he was only giving his verdict on what needed to happen at the club (Scottish Sun). It took everyone by surprise given how close the two men are. Hartson had previously been a vocal backer for Lennon all season.

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But after yet another slip-up last night that sees us 20 points behind Rangers with only two games in-hand, Hartson launched another dig at the current state of play just now:


Hartson now clearly fed up; what’s stopping Celtic from changing things?

It’s unlike John to throw a bit of frustration out there after a Celtic game. Usually after we’ve slipped up, the former Celtic striker keeps quiet. However, given what’s gone on over the past week, he’ll feel even more vindicated by last night’s result.

But Lennon’s tenure clearly isn’t just having an effect on the park. Personal friendships such as this one are now coming into the media spotlight. Everything about this season has been toxic, and this Hartson-Lennon stuff is a by-product.

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You know it’s bad when Lennon’s former team-mates are out having a go at him too or wanting him gone. This coming from such a tight-knit group that achieved so much success under Martin O’Neill.

Neil Lennon and John Hartson

Neil Lennon and John Hartson (Photo by Craig Watson/SNS Group via Getty Images)

However, this is easily fixed. It really is. Simply taking Lennon out of the spotlight and changing things up would go a long way to easing fans’ concerns. In fact, a new managerial regime and you would probably find the Hoops support uniting in hope for next season.

So why on earth has the Celtic board just sat on their hands and refused to make that necessary change? There really is absolutely no reason to wait any longer, and personal friendships are now being put under strain because of the hierarchy’s refusal to act.

You’re now at the stage where you wonder what it will take. What level of embarrassment does Celtic want to lower itself to before it even attempts to get itself back on the right track? This is getting tiresome now.

In other news, Lennon reeled out some worrying soundbites as he once again defended his Celtic record.

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