How the Australian media saw Postecoglou's first Celtic media conference

By Euan Davidson

June 26, 2021

Australian media have backed the new Celtic manager after a confident display in his first media conference.

Ange Postecoglou, former Socceroos manager, easily dealt with questions about his credentials. The perception from Australia is that Celtic fans were disappointed initially with the hire. However, we’re coming round, collectively, to the new boss’ way of thinking, and that’s partially due to the accounts of football experts from Postecoglou’s homeland.

In the Sydney Morning Herald, Vince Rugari (who 67 Hail Hail interviewed here) wrote:

“Ange Postecoglou has dispatched suggestions he might not have the resume to match his new job as Celtic manager, declaring himself equal to the task of not only bringing success to the club’s impatient fanbase but a style of football that will get the world talking.

Postecoglou fronted his first press conference in the job on Friday, fielding questions from the same members of the Scottish press who questioned his lack of credentials in European football when he was first linked to the club a month ago – and handling the prickliest ones with ease.”

Meanwhile, on Fox Sports Australia, Marco Monteverde said:

“…his humility was matched by supreme confidence in his ability to succeed in his first European club coaching job.

He didn’t back down when his coaching credentials were challenged by the suggestion that his new job was a step up from his previous appointments.”

Australian press will be following Postecoglou and Celtic with keen interest

Another prominent sports news outlet, FTBL, gave their perspective:

“In the highlight of the conference, he also shot down a question on how he’d handle the “jump” into Scottish football, saying he didn’t know what the journalist meant, as he’d coached at the World Cup against “some of the best teams in the world.”

I mean, he managed Australia… / (Photo by Matt King/Getty Images)

Broadly speaking, we’re on the same page. Postecoglou played the whole thing perfectly. Over two press conferences, one with ‘mainstream’ media, and one with fan outlets like 67 Hail Hail, his tone matched the occasion. Against the more prickly elements of the Scottish media, Postecoglou went like for like. He was robust and assertive without going over the top. However, with fans, his humility, ambitions and backstory were the shining lights.

It’s very interesting to see how this is going to develop. Without doubt, there’ll be an increased spotlight on Celtic in Oceania. As the leading man in terms of sports coaching in Australia, the country wants to see its man representing them well. There are high stakes here, and not just for Celtic.

If Postecoglou can achieve something special in Glasgow, it opens doors for those who came after him. That’s incredibly important for Australian football. Experience and opportunities of coaching outside ones own country is an important learning experience. But it’s not one that’s been afforded to many.

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