Robust, confident and ambitious; Ange Postecoglou impresses in first Celtic presser

By Euan Davidson

June 25, 2021

There was a pretty fun moment during the first Scottish media conference with Celtic boss Ange Postecoglou.

At about 1 hour and 28 minutes into this video [Celtic FC], you see him respond to a question about the change in level for the ex-Australia boss. His eyes glaze over a little, and you see him choose his words very carefully.

“I’m assuming you’re saying I worked at a lower level, or something.”

You can hear a pin drop.

“I guess that’s a matter of opinion. I’ve coached at a World Cup.”

While other stories, and perhaps more pertinent matters will dominate the post-presser discourse, this was a telling moment. It was, perhaps, the moment that Japanese and Australian football fans were after. Someone just had to go there, and when they did, Postecoglou’s steely demeanour was absolutely box office stuff.

Let’s not get carried away, but let’s not sugarcoat it, either: Ange Postecoglou nailed this. If this was his first test at Celtic boss, he handled the Scottish media with ease. By no means was he defensive, and while he did talk about knowing of the club since his boyhood (a pre-requisite for every coach, everywhere), it seemed to come from a genuine place.

But that moment where he got to lightly eviscerate a reporter; that’s the exact kind of foreshadowing we love to see.

Celtic fans will surely be encouraged by Ange Postecoglou after first media conference

Another interesting point was one he made about his style of football. It was based on being successful, he told reporters, not some kind of ideological battle, or football culture war. Postecoglou’s ruthlessly attacking system was a product of years of successful experimentation. Barring the odd hiccup, he’s hoovered up trophies, and done it his way.

That way may also happen to be the Glasgow Celtic way.

He has, indeed, coached at a World Cup / (Photo by SAEED KHAN/AFP via Getty Images)

“I want my team to play football everyone talks about”, Postecoglou said [Celtic FC].

“If we do that we’ll be well on our way to success.”

He stood up for Australian and Japanese football, he gave short shrift to any nonsense questions, and he was robust, yet being polite and well-spoken. This is professionalism, and how we’ve missed it.

Of course, not a ball has been kicked in anger yet. We still have so many questions about the squad, about the club. From Postecoglou’s perspective though, there’s only so much he can answer.

What was answered was honest, direct without being defensive, and there was a flicker of the passion we’ve heard so much about.

All in, a very encouraging start.

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