If Ian Bankier wants to show the Celtic supporters respect then he should start by resigning

By David Walton

November 17, 2021

After today’s dismal AGM performance from Celtic chairman Ian Bankier, it’s difficult to see how he comes back from this.

Bankier badly misjudged the room early on and was left rattled after suffering an embarrassing 90% demand for his removal from those in attendance. However, according to the Daily Record, his position appears to be safe, likely thanks to Dermot Desmond’s votes.

The Celtic chairman would then bundle his way through the rest of the AGM. It’s fair to say the Q&A session was a particular low point for Bankier.

Photo by BEN STANSALL/AFP via Getty Images

He refused to give any assurances that Bernard Higgins’ rumoured appointment in a senior security role would be overturned. This led to loud boos within the room. He also failed to show any strength when having a pop at the Scottish Government as he played down the idea Celtic should’ve challenged how they were dealt with last season.

It was a massively uncomfortable afternoon for the senior boardroom figure. With the vast majority of shareholders wanting him gone, a key message was sent.

Bankier’s message throughout the day was, in fairness to him, one of attempted humility. He tried to take responsibility for the failed 10IAR bid and was open to accountability.

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Ian Bankier continues to cling on to his Celtic role for now

The problem with this Celtic regime however is that they don’t like the consequences that come with failure. They’re happy to be held accountable, but not if it means they should step down.

Bankier has never come under more pressure than he is in 2021. Appointed by the club back in 2011, he’s had a free ride of it for a long time. But with the pressure on, the chairman is struggling to impress. Today’s message from the shareholders was as hard-hitting as it was ominous.

A large part of the disconnection between Bankier and the supporters simply comes from having no idea what it is he actually does for the club. Despite being an official club chairman, nobody is clear of his mandate.

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That simply comes from Celtic giving both their shareholders and their supporters absolutely no indication of accountability. Nobody knows how big a role Bankier has played in our decline over the last year, but his refusal to take supporter issues seriously combined with constantly coming across as out of touch with the modern-day fan, his time has long been up.

Today’s AGM only confirmed what we already knew when it comes to the chairman. He’s not the kind of figurehead you want at the top of a modern-day football club.

If Bankier’s priority in 2022 is to mend his relationship with the supporters, resigning whilst holding his hands up would be a positive start.

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