Judy Murray, Celtic and the plan to "tennisify" Glasgow's East End

By Euan Davidson

July 22, 2021

Judy Murray, Tennis coach and mother of Wimbledon winners Jamie and Andy, has been working with Celtic on a community programme in Glasgow.

With the Celtic FC Foundation in tow, Murray and her team have been ‘Building a workforce to grow [tennis] across Scotland”. With plenty of kids inspired by the Murray brothers, Tennis has grown in stature in Scotland. Now, Celtic are helping out, working with Murray to create more opportunities for kids to play tennis in Glasgow’s East End.

Murray, through the Judy Murray Foundation, has been helping Celtic’s community coaches “tennisify” their techniques. She tweeted:

The Murray brothers represent the cream of Scottish tennis history. Prior to Judy Murray’s children, there haven’t been any real breakout tennis stars from Scotland.

The Celtic FC Foundation and Murray are hoping to change that, it seems. In Glasgow specifically, there are tennis facilities [Glasgow Life]. However, the sport tends to be played in more affluent areas within Glasgow. With both the Judy Murray Foundation’s focus on spreading the accessibility of tennis, and Celtic’s community-led agenda, it seems a good fit.

Whether or not it’ll drag away potential Celtic players from football is another argument altogether, though!

Judy Murray and her Glasgow efforts continue rich vein of Celtic Foundation form

Judy Murray is not alone in joining up with the Celtic FC Foundation, however. In recent weeks, we’ve seen the Foundation partner up with some excellent causes.

Two weeks ago, over 500 families in Glasgow benefitted when the Foundation joined up with Islamic Relief for an inter-faith food project.

Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images

Before that, Celtic’s charity wing teamed up alongside Glasgow’s Golden Generation and the Eric Liddell Centre in Edinburgh to focus on the mental health of the elderly. With isolation and loneliness a key problem, especially during Covid-19, it was heartening to see.

There’s more: Celtic announced an expansion to its Football for Good Fund efforts. A roster of local and international charity partners were announced earlier this year.

Clearly, it’s been a traumatic time for the world at large. Still, the Foundation haven’t forgotten the roots of the club, nor the values of the fans. With Judy Murray helping out to get kids playing sport and getting fit, as well as making friends, those efforts have continued apace.

It’s great, great stuff from the club.

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