Kyogo Furuhashi evokes Fast Show character in fantastic Celtic training footage

By Euan Davidson

October 22, 2021

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to see players reacting to their own highlights, then wonder no more; Kyogo Furuhashi of Celtic has the answer.

And, oddly, the answer is a bit like a clip from the Fast Show.

Celtic’s Japanese Twitter account shared Kyogo watching a TikTok of his goal against Ferencvaros. It’s a genuinely charming clip, that inadvertently calls to mind fictional Jazz expert Louis Balfour.

Watching the clip, Kyogo’s excitement builds to a crescendo before offering a solitary “…nice”.

Of course, he isn’t going to run around celebrating after a clip of himself. That’d be weird. This is pretty much what you’d hope for from a player as humble, but as confident too, as Kyogo Furuhashi.

Of course, the reaction to his goal from supporters was a bit more exuberant. The club have been keen to share plenty of content from the win against Ferencvaros, not least the celebrations in the stands at Parkhead.

Meanwhile, merchandise sellers outside Paradise have done a roaring trade in Japan flags and specialise Kyogo scarves.

To say the guy is popular would be underselling it, and then some.

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“Nice…”; Kyogo is enjoying Celtic content as much as supporters

We’re hoping for follow-ups where Kyogo says “Great… Really great” or “Superb”. Only then can we know whether the Japanese striker is watching classic 90s comedy as part of his adaptation to Scottish life.

If he starts quoting Chewin’ the Fat any time soon, then ditto.

But it’s great to see Celtic players get just as much from the club’s social media content as the fans do. It’s got to be absolutely surreal to see yourself scoring from different angles, and watching the reaction from supporters.

Photo by ANDY BUCHANAN/AFP via Getty Images

Kelly Clark, in an interview with Celtic FC that came out yesterday, admits her Dad watches a clip of her scoring against Glasgow City on an almost-nightly basis [Celtic FC].

Clearly, then, players indulge in the content just like we do. It’s great to be able to have these moments captured for posterity, just like it’s great to hear the stories of Celtic legends gone by, who were famous names before widespread television coverage and photography.

As for Kyogo, he’ll surely have more “nice” moments to celebrate in his time at Celtic.

Whether he starts getting into fictional jazz bands is another thing altogether.

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