Kyogo Furuhashi sends message to Celtic fans in brilliant new Kobe Vissel footage

By Euan Davidson

July 21, 2021

New Celtic signing Kyogo Furuhashi and his last two days with Vissel Kobe have been documented by his former club.

In the film, Furuhashi was asked whether he had a message for Celtic supporters.

Furuhashi received a warm send-off from his former teammates, staff and supporters. There was even a farewell ceremony after his last game, in which he scored a tidy finish for Vissel Kobe.

Asked whether he had a message for the Hoops faithful, Kyogo Furuhashi spoke excitedly. Ahead of a move approaching £5m [Daily Sport], Furuhashi said [Vissel Kobe]:

"People in Japan are excited about Furuhashi and Celtic" | Japanese football expert Alan Gibson

“I really look forward to playing for Celtic. I want to do what I can to get results for Celtic and I aim to become the type of player that can excite the fans.”

And excite the fans, he most assuredly will. Furuhashi, who played multiple positions for Vissel Kobe, has scored 49 goals in 118 appearances, with 15 of those coming in 21 J-League games in the 2021 season [Transfermarkt].

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J-League expert Alan Gibson told 67 Hail Hail all about the Japanese forward’s attributes, saying:

“He’s very quick [of mind], and on the floor. He can see the next pass, and see what’s coming, and he can also see where else he can use the ball.

“I’ve watched Furuhashi for a years; he’s not weak, he’s thin and light compared to many players, but I was watching [him] closely a few days. He was getting hacked about a bit… but he was up quickly. He’s been getting a lot of training and fitness.

“The problem, like the rest of the world, is the referees. Can they handle it? Will they protect him, will they allow him to be kicked around? And will his team-mates come to his rescue if needed?”

Former Vissel Kobe man Kyogo Furuhashi aims to excite Celtic supporters

The former Vissel Kobe star Furuhashi comes highly recommended. Barcelona icon, Andrés Iniesta, left a heartwarming farewell message to the now-Celtic forward on Twitter, having heartily recommended him to European clubs in the past.

Photo by Buddhika Weerasinghe/Getty Images

Furuhashi, who will net his former High School around £95k, is so obviously held in such high esteem by Vissel Kobe supporters. The fact that he and Ange Postecoglou have had such drawn-out goodbyes from fans in Japan only bodes well.

It illustrates the culture of respect in Japan, in sharp comparison with Scotland. While some club legends have left out the back door, Japanese football fans celebrate their players to the fullest.

As for Furuhashi himself, he’s wanting to become the type of player that excites the fans.

Given what we’ve seen him do in Japan, it doesn’t seem unrealistic.

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