Marc Crosas celebrates death of Super League with class Celtic post

By Euan Davidson

April 20, 2021

Former Celtic man Marc Crosas has celebrated the death of the Super League.

In a 24 hours that will inspire countless books, documentaries and think-pieces, it was most interesting to hear what players thought. Of course, the fans mean everything, but when players speak out on a semi-political issue, it’s always newsworthy.

So when former Barça and Celtic man Marc Crosas decided to tweet, it was bound to make an impact. And – as is customary for the La Masia graduate – it had a distinct Celtic flavour.

Crosas, now an analyst for Univision Deportes, sent out a tweet which evoked both Jock Stein and Tommy Burns in response to today’s developments. We’re not entirely sure on Celtic Pub policy, but we’re pretty sure that means he’ll never have to pay for a pint in Glasgow’s East End ever again.

Marc Crosas, during his stint at Santos Laguna / (Photo by Jorge Lopez/ via Getty Images)

As ever, former Celtic man Marc Crosas gets the tone just right on Super League madness

Despite having a difficult end to his spell at Celtic, Crosas is still beloved. It was quite a coup when the ex-Barca man signed for the Hoops, back in 2008. It seemed awfully harsh when Neil Lennon binned the loveable midfielder, who subsequently took in spells at Volga, and Celtic affiliate club Santos Laguna in Mexico.

That relationship with the Celtic supporters is still a very meaningful one. From the moment he arrived at Celtic, he just got it. So, with this latest social media post, it’s easy to say that once again, Crosas’ sound bloke credentials have been solidified for a long, long time.

Because he’s right. We’ve seen this season that football is far poorer without supporters. Seeing empty stadia and hearing the players shout to each other week-in, week-out has been incredibly jarring, even at this point. With the Super League, which now looks to have imploded [Guardian], ‘elite’ clubs were trying to show that the opinions of supporters just didn’t matter.

It was an actively anti-fan move, disrespecting and ignoring the links between a club and its community. If we wake up tomorrow and it’s cancelled entirely, the sport is better for it.

So, kudos to football fans, and kudos to Marc Crosas.

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