Everything we’ve heard and read so far about new Celtic man Urhoghide sounds very amiable.

He gave a very charming first interview with the club [Celtic FC], and his infectious enthusiasm reminded some Celtic supporters of Jeremie Frimpong. Make no mistake though; there’s a little devilment in the game of Osaze Urhoghide. He is a defender, after all.

Talking about his highs and lows on his YouTube channel, Urhoghide made one particular comment that stands out [YouTube]:

“I haven’t scored many goals this season, but scoring goals is just a great feeling. Especially as a defender.

“My first goal for Wednesday was scoring a goal which I thought was going to be a 90th minute. The game ended up being 3-3 in the end. But scoring goals is just a great feeling. Celebrating with the crowd, the roar of the stadium.

“Or even when it’s away; just mocking the home fans when you’re playing away… just a great feeling as well.”

Now, let’s be clear; we are not enabling the mocking, winding-up of, or goading against teams we beat on the road next season. However, we’re not not endorsing it either. With every club wanting a piece of Celtic next season, Urhoghide will surely get the opportunity to upset some home supporters in 21-22.

Glasgow Derby could be perfect for new Celtic man Urhoghide

Let’s be honest. There’s one particular game in mind here. I know it and you know it, too.

Given the uncertainty of how ticketing will be in the upcoming season, it may well be that some home fans, and either no or an incredibly low number of away fans will initially be allowed in stadia. That means away trips will be particularly difficult, given that the hosts will have a compliment of hungry supporters in the stands.

Celtic Urhoghide
Urhoghide: loves a goal, especially away / (Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images)

So, that being the case, Urhoghide will likely have Sunday, August 29th marked in his calendar.

The first Glasgow Derby of the season will be at Ibrox, and at the moment, it’s difficult to envision many, if any, Celtic supporters being granted access to the stadium. For Urhoghide, who clearly has some needle about him, albeit cloaked in incredible politeness, it’s a potentially massive opportunity to win the fans over. Ours, anyway.

Fine, he’s a defender. He’s not going to repeat Moussa Dembele’s first Celtic v Rangers game. Nor would anyone expect him to. But for a defender who loves scoring goals, it’s imperative he impressed up to and including the end of August, because he’ll want to be there.

To mock the home fans, no less.

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