New Kilmarnock signing makes odd, unprompted Celtic non-sequitur

By Euan Davidson

February 12, 2021

Being a Celtic supporter, nay, a Scottish football enthusiast, is good fun.

In what other league, for example, would a new signing comment on a completely different club? Can you imagine, upon signing for Juventus, Cristiano Ronaldo commenting on Barcelona losing a match?

Yet, here we are: new Kilmarnock man Kyle Lafferty is preparing for another underwhelming spell in Scotland. He’s Tommy Wright’s first signing as Killie boss, and boy, has he got some opinions. Opinions not about Kilmarnock, but Celtic.

Upon crossing the Ts and dotting the Is in Ayrshire, Lafferty said [Daily Record]:

“I’m not shocked with how well [Rangers] have done. When I was there you could see they were a team that was going to go on to great things and this season has just showed it.

“They have been exceptional and they’ll be champions at the end of the season.

“I think it’s made it even more exciting with how Celtic have crumbled, to be honest. I think it’s an added bonus for Rangers and their fans that they are so far in front. It shows that they are the best team in Scotland.”

Yes; those comments are from a Kilmarnock press conference.

Former Celtic manager Gordon Strachan tried to sign Lafferty from Burnley / (Photo by Getty Images/Getty Images)

Kilmarnock fans have every right to be a bit annoyed

If I was a Kilmarnock supporter – and I thank God for every day that I’m not – I’d be a bit miffed about our new signing heralding Rangers and knocking Celtic.

Simply, because it shows that Lafferty’s mind is somewhere completely different. It is small-time stuff, and it has little relevance to the club who have just plucked the striker from obscurity. Yes, Killie play Rangers this weekend, but there’s commenting on the opposition and there’s whatever Lafferty did there.

It’s hard to believe, but ex-Celtic boss Gordon Strachan once tried to convince the Northern Irishman to join the Bhoys. Sadly, the Bhoys missed out on a whopping 6 goals in 25 league appearances that season, with Lafferty joining Rangers instead.

Fresh off a dismal spell in which he scored 1 goal in 9 in Serie B matches [Transfermarkt], the striker will be hoping for better days back in Scotland. That is, provided, he remembers which team he’s playing for.

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