Report: Andy Walker scheduled to appear on Sky Sports' Livi vs Celtic coverage

By David Walton

January 20, 2021

The Scottish Sun is reporting that Andy Walker is set to appear on Sky Sports this evening for Livingston vs Celtic.

Sky have the broadcast rights for tonight’s huge crunch clash between the two sides. However, you could be forgiven for forgetting the main event is actually a football match.

Sky pundit Walker got torn into the club like the rest of us before Celtic’s 1-1 draw with Hibernian. He slammed the trip to Dubai, in which he described the break as “a jolly”. This absolutely infuriated manager Neil Lennon.

Neil demanded an apology from Walker when speaking to Sky journalist Charles Patterson (Scottish Sun). He also stated that Sky would get nothing from himself or his players until an apology was dished out.

Walker has been a regular on Sky Sports all season during Scottish football coverage. However, there are several matches in which he’s not been part of the media team. The Sun, however, believes that tonight isn’t one of them.

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Outside of the football, there are so many interesting elements to tonight’s coverage.

An apology from Walker seems like the last thing we should expect. Celtic fans will debate whether he even owes one – for me he doesn’t. He’s not any Celtic supporter’s favourite pundit, but on that issue alone, he said what many fans were thinking.

Another interesting aspect to this is whether Celtic will carry out any media duties this evening to Sky. SPFL rules dictate that they have to make at least one management team member and a player available (SPFL Rules and Regulations, Appendix 5, Section B, page 138). It’ll be intriguing to see what happens here.

Will Neil Lennon carry oit his Sky Sports media duties? (Photo by Craig Williamson / SNS Group via Getty Images)

And then you just have the general discussion about recent events at Parkhead. Will this saga carry on once again tonight? Will Walker simply add more fuel to the fire if he is indeed on? It’s almost like a TV drama at this stage.

Of course, we can’t forget how important tonight is in terms of football. Celtic need to secure three points tonight just to lift some morale if anything. To at least move some of the storm clouds that have gathered at Parkhead.

A win at Livingston doesn’t turn our season around. But at the very least it can give supporters that winning feeling again. We’re missing that too much this season.

In other news, a Celtic-linked striker has been likened to Erling Haaland.