Sky Sports reporter talks about Chris Wilder to Celtic links, shares funny fan story

By Euan Davidson

March 17, 2021

Sky Sports reporter Tim Thornton has had his say on former Sheffield United boss Chris Wilder, who has been strongly linked to Celtic.

On the Sky Sports Pitch to Post Premier League Review podcast [Acast, 39:00], Thornton spoke up the former Blades manager. His departure from Sheffield United was met with dismay. However, the Sky Sports reporter shared a funny anecdote from his work travails outside the club’s training ground.

“We spend a lot of time at training grounds, outside training grounds. I was at the Sheffield United training ground all day on Friday. We had a lot of fans driving past, a lot of fans stopped, wound their windows down, got out of their car. [They] started shouting across the road, as quite often happens to us as reporters.

“They were all fuming, furious. ‘Biggest mistake the Sheffield United will ever make, this’.

“We’d been there for 4 or 5 hours and one guy drove up the road, wound his window down and said: ‘It’s the correct decision. The owners got this one right. Brilliant decision.’ As he drove off, he shouted ‘Up the Owls!’.

“He’s created something special. He loves the city, he’s Mr Sheffield United. The fans are left fearing what happens next.”


Potential Celtic candidate Chris Wilder / (Photo by MIKE EGERTON/POOL/AFP via Getty Images)

Chris Wilder to Celtic? Premier League pundits reckon so

Relating to Celtic matters, the Sky Sports reporter spoke about the fickle nature of football. Last year, Wilder was the talk of the Premier League, after all.

However, things haven’t gone his way, with huge injury problems and a mixed record in the transfer market. At the time of writing, Sheffield United sit dead last in the Premier League, 14 points adrift.

Thornton continued:

“He did an unbelievable job last season. Key players, really important players have been missing [this season].

“There’s been a little bit of talk of whether he might be a good fit, for example, for Celtic. Having seen the way that Chris works, for me, he would be a fantastic fit for that football club.

“He should be managing at the very top level.”

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