The Champions League money on way to Celtic and the impact of rivals missing out

By John McGinley

May 19, 2022

Celtic will be due around £29.5m in Champions League money, as it stands, from UEFA for participation in next season’s group stage.

Various tranches of cash will be on the way to the Bhoys, from participation to coefficients, TV deals and performance-related bonuses.

We’ve provided a full explainer of the ins and outs of the theory behind it on our YouTube channel this evening, but the following will serve as a basic summary.

Breakdown of the Champions League money on offer to Celtic

Simply for participating in the group stages of the competition, Celtic will receive €15.6m. Meanwhile, the club are likely to receive a coefficient payment of roughly €9.1m, based on figures available for the 2021/22 tournament.

This is where most of the initial group stage money comes from, but there’s more on top.

The TV money we receive on top of this will total around €6.8m. This will be halved to €3.4m if Rangers end up qualifying for the group stages too.

Eintracht Frankfurt’s Europa League victory means the Ibrox side enters the third qualifying round this summer, having to play through two knockout ties to make it to the groups with us. If they don’t, it’s worth around £3m to us which is reason enough to root for the opposition!

Performance-wise, there is €920,000 on offer for each point earned in the groups. A modest estimate of five points for Celtic would result in €4.6m.

However, UEFA will take a Covid rebate from participating clubs of around €1.2m.

That’s a total of 34.9m which at today’s exchange rate results in £29.5m.

More good news for Celtic as Frankfurt join the Champions League party

More good news for Celtic as Frankfurt join the Champions League party
67 Hail Hail (Youtube)

There’s more to consider too

None of this takes into account the ticket sales, hospitality and merchandise revenue that will also be raised, adding millions more to the total – perhaps even closer to £40m.

It all means that Celtic have a very sound financial footing to plan around this summer. There’s little ambiguity about the money on the way to the club.

It should allow for stellar recruitment and hopefully a fairly competitive squad that can give the group stages a good go.

Although we’re a Pot 4 team, there are scalps to take and even if we don’t make it into the knockout stages, finishing third is a realistic goal, which would earn a Europa League spot after Christmas.

Bring it on!

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