The delusional Celtic decision makers need to recognise title is over and rebuild now

By Euan Davidson

January 16, 2021

The Celtic board and coaches are delusional if they still think the title is on.

I try to hold back right after matches are played. It’s fine for me to rant in group chats, or text my Celtic-minded pals in a rage. In normal circumstances, like you, I’d want to put the club to rights in the pub in a post-game ennui haze.

However, I don’t know about you, but I’ve had it with this lot. Specifically, I’m done trying to do the mental gymnastics required to back team selection, or justifying Neil Lennon’s continued presence at the club.

The football that the Bhoys are playing isn’t good enough. Off the pitch, we’re a national joke. It’s all too much for Celtic supporters to take.

Call me entitled, call me what you will. But anyone who thinks the Bhoys have been anywhere near good enough this season is way, way off in my opinion.

Today was an example of the coaches making mistakes that anyone who’s ever owned a Celtic top would recognise as being meat-headed. Picking our least athletic, slowest midfielder to deputise as a centre-forward had absolutely no chance of working today.

Meanwhile, at the back, the continued insistence on playing Shane Duffy is bizarre. At this point, we should probably assume that the Irishman is just a mate of Neil Lennon’s. From a footballing perspective, there’s no valid reason to keep picking him.

Celtic manager Neil Lennon and CEO Peter Lawwell / (Photo by Gary Hutchison / SNS Group via Getty Images)

Continued insistence that Celtic could win title is plain wrong

Gavin Strachan, much as I’m willing to defend him, will have frustrated many supporters with his post-match comments today.

Essentially, his take was “well, stranger things have happened! Who knows what wacky happenstances could befall our rivals?!”, which has been the continued narrative from the club in recent weeks.

If Neil Lennon, Gavin Strachan and Peter Lawwell think they’re kidding anyone on, they’re wrong. Obviously, they’re loathe to admit defeat this season, especially with the sword of Null and Void hanging over the league (Daily Record).

But throughout this season, decisions have been made that have gone against the wishes of the supporters. Soro and Turnbull could’ve won points on their own where Celtic stuttered earlier in the season. Dubai-gate is a remorseless debacle which will take a long time to die down.

The goalkeeping merry-go-round has been laughable, and Neil Lennon’s continuous chopping and changing has meant that the team have never really established a positive rhythm this season.

Simply put, Lennon, Lawwell and co. need to go.

Celtic future must start now

In terms of Celtic’s footballing failures, 20-21 will be a historic example of the club not achieving its potential. Supporters deserve so much more than this.

The fact that, on paper, the club really should have sealed the 10 this season, will be a regret that will last a lifetime. Rangers are good, but man-for-man, have they a better squad than ours? It’s debatable.

The club’s highest-paid employees have failed. In any other company, certainly one the size of Celtic, that would be enough to ring changes. If there are workings behind the scenes, they’re staying behind the scenes. Dermot Desmond’s son joining the board, for example, isn’t what fans want to hear right now.

Rather than wait to watch the season unravel further, Celtic need to make changes now. Otherwise, we will falter again in Champions League qualification, lose our best players, and remain in stasis where we should be prospering.

Today may have just been a 0-0 draw, but it’s symptomatic of so many other, bigger problems. The time to act came  long, long ago. The best thing Celtic can do now is make up for lost time.