The Green Brigade have unveiled a new banner outside Celtic Park.

The group, through the North Curve Twitter account, showed off their latest protest against the board on social media today. The banner says “January Review: Parasites, Liars, Charlatans”.

It’s the latest in a series of messages aimed at the board, showing righteous anger with the running of the club and the downturn of results in the recent past.

Recently as the 5th of February, the Green Brigade unveiled a “Lennon Out” banner outside Lennoxtown. The supporters’ group, who bring real noise and energy to matches from the Standing Section, are clearly furious with how 20-21 has transpired.

Although they divide the support, their passion is undoubted. Whether the board are willing to listen to criticism, even when it’s at their doorstep, is another question entirely. Repeated calls for the publishing of the hallowed “January Review” have been made across the Celtic support.

Faith in Neil Lennon is diminishing with every disappointing performance. While the banner is strongly worded, it’s hard to deny the accusations being made. The Celtic support are being lied to in regards to the board assessing Neil Lennon’s performance.

Celtic fans at Celtic Park
Celtic fans protesting at Celtic Park in December / (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

The Green Brigade will divide the support again, but they’re right

We’ve talked about Ultra Culture before, with regards to Scottish football. There’s a very odd moralising about Ultras in the national game, possibly because the nature of the protest and noise reminds older supporters of hooliganism. However, there is nothing to link the Green Brigade with any disorder or violence. Political activism, definitely, but anything beyond legality is a different debate entirely.

The squeamishness within certain sections of the Celtic support with regards to the Green Brigade is rather strange. With this banner, there will be folk who claim “they don’t speak for us”, which is fair enough. There will be others who insist that the Green Brigade are “not real fans” or words to that effect, and that isn’t.

Once again, for our money, they’ve got it spot on here. The Celtic board have acted upon fan unrest by announcing Peter Lawwell’s impending retirement. It’s a smoke and mirrors act meant to distract the supporters from on-field concerns, which are caused by years of complacency off the pitch.

Clearly, it hasn’t worked. Any attempts to pacify fan unrest need to be must more decisive. Like them or not, the Green Brigade have made a point that’s hard to argue against, once again.

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