Celtic will be watching closely after UEFA approved bold new changes to the Champions League format, from 2024, GFFN reports.

It’s said the UEFA Executive Committee voted unanimously for the 36-team format.

The group stages as we know them will cease. Instead, a giant single league table of 36 sides will be formed, with each team playing ten fixtures.

The top eight clubs in the league would progress to the last 16. The clubs ranked 9th to 24th would take part in a playoff to also make it to the knockouts. Teams ranked from 25th to 36th will be eliminated, with some parachuting to the Europa League.

With five home matches instead of three, and TV rights set to expand, more money will be on offer to Celtic than ever before should we qualify for future competitions.

Next season’s Scottish Premiership winners are expected to take an automatic group stage place for season 2022/23, the last year of the current format.

Of course, all this will be announced with the backdrop of the new European Super League drama which has dominated headlines over the last 24 hours.

Some of Europe’s biggest clubs have committed to a breakaway continental tournament, sparking widespread condemnation from UEFA, domestic leagues and supporters.

What consequences that will have for the Champions League, Celtic and indeed football as a whole remains to be seen. Developments are ongoing.

However, UEFA are pressing ahead with the 36-team format as it stands.

In other news, Scott McDonald is eyeing sacked Jose Mourinho to Celtic.

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