Ugandan club share class Celtic pre-season pictures in appeal for more Bhoys gear

By Euan Davidson

October 14, 2021

Ugandan club Kiwafu Lions are a name you might have heard before on this particular Celtic website.

The African outfit appealed for old Bhoys kits, including shirts, shorts and miscellaneous gear back in April. New pictures from the club illustrate just how successful that campaign was.

The Lions shared a tweet earlier today, showing the players decked out in the Hoops, as well as old away shirts and shorts. Intrepid Celtic supporter Dave Walsh, of Cork, launched an appeal for Bhoys gear to make its way to Uganda back in Spring.

His appeal certainly worked. And now, according to the club’s Twitter account, they need more.

Paul Dronyi, the club’s founder, is keen to establish a link between Celtic and the Kiwafu Lions. The Bhoys, of course, have had influence on clubs and supporters’ groups across the world. There’s the Green and White of Real Betis, an official link with Santos Laguna [Celtic FC], the Thai Tims and countless others.

In Africa, though, Celtic battle for football fans’ hearts and minds with popular Premier League clubs. There’s Bloemfontein Celtic in South Africa, granted.

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Things should be about to get a lot better for Celtic | With Scott McDonald
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Great pictures show the Ugandan impact Celtic supporters are having

More than anything, it’s just cool to see. We probably take the sight of a Celtic shirt for granted in Scotland or Ireland.

For a Ugandan club to adopt the colours of Celtic is more incongruous, but it’s utterly welcome. All the better, it stems from a link between Celtic fans in Cork and the city of Kampala.

In recent months, Kiwafu Lions have entered more tournaments, and are aiming to become a bigger club overall. Their U17s competed in the Santos Soccer Academy Challenge Cup, and did so wearing a splendid New Balance Celtic kit from 15-16 [KLFC].

Photo by Mark Runnacles/Getty Images

If you have old Celtic shirts, football boots or any other Bhoys merchandise needing a new lease of life, you could do much worse than to get in touch.

Maybe the next great Ugandan will come from Kampala. And, just maybe, they’ll dream of wearing the Green and White in a professional capacity.

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