Vince Rugari's reassuring take on Ange Postecoglou's answer about Celtic to Spurs links

By John McGinley

May 26, 2023

Unless you’ve been hiking in the wilderness for the last 48 hours, I doubt all the chatter linking Celtic boss Ange Postecoglou to Tottenham Hotspur has gone by you.

For the umpteenth time, the Bhoys manager has been reported to be on the radar of an English club going through their latest revolution on the manager merry-go-round. Whether it’s Everton, Leeds United, Chelsea or Spurs, Postecoglou’s name is an easy one to use in an effort to drum up media interest.

Inevitably, he was asked about it on his pre-match duties today. In his Sky Sports interview, Postecoglou didn’t say anything he hasn’t previously when linked with another post – assuring everyone his head is always in the moment – but that didn’t stop plenty of anxious online fans from reading a lot into his comments. He didn’t shut down the rumours – but then, he never does.

Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

For long-term observers of Postecoglou, none of this is new. One of them, The Sydney Morning Herald’s Vince Rugari, has reminded all of us that the Celtic manager isn’t a man who will give the media a steer on his intentions either way. It is simply folly to read too much into anything public at the moment.

He said on social media site Twitter in response to Postecoglou’s appearance on Sky Sports: “Ange has always been good at masking his next move — from Roar to Victory, to Socceroos, the exit from there, and then from YFM to Celtic. He’s a hard man to read. So don’t bother. Just enjoy every remaining moment he’s manager of your team.”

Rugari has long been one of the go-to people for getting a sense of how Postecoglou goes about his business. He’s been a contributor to our 67 Hail Hail YouTube channel in the past and hasn’t steered us wrong with his analysis of the Celtic boss to date. He’s been following the Australian’s career far longer than any of us.

So, if you have been one of the fans fretting about what Ange is, or isn’t, saying about his future – be reassured. He isn’t going to give anything away. There’s simply no reason to worry in the meantime.

I have a feeling that when Postecoglou decides to up sticks and exit Glasgow, we won’t need to be reading into his body language or word choice in a training ground interview. It’ll all be much clearer than that.

Managers are targets of other clubs all the time. Lists are created and names appear on them. That’s all any of the reports have said to this point. Unless something happens, continue to enjoy and feel happy about this Celtic team and the direction Postecoglou is taking them in.

Certainly, don’t let it distract you from what should be a brilliant Trophy Day at Celtic Park tomorrow, nor what could be a momentous Scottish Cup Final next week. Life’s too short to let anxiety of any flavour prevent people from experiencing good times.

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