So, Shane Duffy has left Celtic, as we all know by now.

The news came from The Sun, and we’ve already run the rule over why it didn’t work for the big Irishman. It’s been confirmed by the player himself, via Instagram.

So, why haven’t the club said anything? Yesterday, we were treated to an On This Day involving Henrik Larsson. Today, it was Soro and Hendry’s birthdays. Both very worthy things to share, but Duffy hasn’t even made the Celtic FC Website. Is that not symptomatic of the strange messaging, or lack thereof, from the club?

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It already felt like supporters weren’t connected in a meaningful way to the club. None of this is the fault of the social media team, but as we’ve discussed, the messengers are being left exposed to be metaphorically shot at. It’s all just beyond strange at this point.

Given the outlay spent on Shane Duffy, and the fanfare that met his arrival, the club are being incredibly reticent to announce anything of substance about the Irishman’s return to Brighton. It’s not anything sinister as such, it’s just a bit bizarre. Even the departure of Manny Perez was addressed at the time [Celtic FC], and he never made an appearance for the club.

Shane Duffy

Shane Duffy endured a difficult time of it at Celtic / (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Celtic already needed to improve their communication, Shane Duffy case is just another example

We’re not asking for much here, are we?

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Some kind of confirmation that a much-heralded signing was set to leave the club surely wouldn’t have taken long. It’s normal for these things to come out in the press, and make no mistake, we’re not suggesting otherwise. It’s, foremost, the announcement from the player himself that is making the club look amateurish in its messaging.

While the club undoubtedly more pressing issues to worry about just now, it would’ve been nice to at least read an exit interview, or hear from John Kennedy or a member of the board. Something acknowledging that it hasn’t worked out, but Duffy was a good lad to have around, or something like that.

If Celtic want to engage with existing and potential season ticket holders, this kind of frayed, inconsistent communication from the club won’t help. While other clubs are able to hear directly from their hierarchy on a practically database, we’re being left in the dark.

To not put too fine a point on it; we shouldn’t have to find these things out from a footballer’s Instagram. That was the confirmation, right there.

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