With Celtic chairman Bankier emerging, can fans expect summer appointment?

By Euan Davidson

February 13, 2021

Celtic chairman Ian Bankier has finally said… something.

As we spoke about last night, Celtic Fans TV actually got a response from the club. In a well overdue communiqué, Celtic chairman Bankier confirmed a statement will be made “very shortly”. You can watch the video here.

Anyone who follows Celtic will find this encouraging. The “New Year Review” may finally reach a conclusion. Or it has, and the results are unsatisfactory from the board’s perspective. There’s nothing more humbling than admitting you’ve got something wrong, let alone to millions of supporters and a voracious media.

So, there’s every chance they’re delaying the inevitable because a tough decision is being made. It’s easy to get the sense that if our manager wasn’t someone so ingrained with the club, it might all have reached a conclusion by now.

With this in mind, what should we actually expect from Ian Bankier? The chairman is a shadowy figure, who’s escaped much of the blame for the mess at Celtic this season.

Peek-a-boo: Ian Bankier / (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Celtic chairman Bankier likely to not do anything rash

If we know anything about this board, it’s that they don’t like to be rushed. The air of calm and supremacy has been replaced by protest, suspicion and theories. Questioning a board who have helped the club win so many trophies will seem strange to them.

Ultimately, it’s not; we’ve failed to progress in Europe repeatedly, while we’ve lost our grip on history. Results have been shocking. All in all, it’s not good enough.

However, we wouldn’t suggest that Celtic chairman Bankier will rush into a decision. If anything, expect Neil Lennon to remain in place until the summer. The title race is more than likely over, so from the board’s view, there’s no real point in making Lennon redundant.

To sour such a relationship will feel unpalatable to Bankier and the board. So expect the half-way house of Lennon accepting his time’s up at the end of the season, and Celtic being more public in trying to find a replacement.

If anything, it’s a welcome distraction from our form this season.

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