Woodgate's Bournemouth side lose days after wild Celtic and Super League claim

By Euan Davidson

April 24, 2021

Fine, it’s not irony as such, but Celtic fans were treated to some particularly brutal poetic justice today.

With talk of Celtic and Rangers joining a British Super League [Sun], Bournemouth boss Jonathan Woodgate was asked for his take. As the current manager of promotion-chasing Bournemouth, his words had weight, of course.

Speaking to TalkSport, Woodgate said:

“They can’t go straight in. How can they go straight in and leave the Championship out? When you’ve got all of us striving to get there. It wouldn’t be fair at all, and if it does they would have to start in the Championship and climb up. I don’t think it’ll happen to be honest.

“We’re Bournemouth and would Celtic and Rangers beat us? I’m not so sure.”

Today, Bournemouth lost to 10-man Brentford, a huge dent to their promotion hopes [BBC]. The result secured Brentford’s play-off spot, while leaving Bournemouth looking down towards 6th place [EFL]. Swansea City have a game in hand on the Cherries, and are just a point behind.

Jonathan Woodgate, Bournemouth boss / (Photo by Robin Jones – AFC Bournemouth/AFC Bournemouth via Getty Images)

Admittedly, Woodgate is right about Celtic, Rangers and a British Super League, but still…

Is this petty? Is this small-minded? Why, yes. Guilty on both counts. However, Woodgate has gone for the easy reach in the first place, with that tedious “they wouldn’t make it in the Championship” patter.

Both Celtic and Rangers would beat teams like Bournemouth over the course of a league season, or in one-off matches. You’re talking about teams full of international players, who are mainstays of European competition. As good a standard as the Championship has become over recent years, the “debate” is an incredibly tedious one.

In short, any notion of a British Super League is a bad idea. Yet, it received further backing. Former Celtic player David Moyes spoke about the idea, with the West Ham United boss saying [Guardian]:

“Change is needed in some way. I think the Premier League has a brilliant product, I really do, but at the top clubs you’re talking about too many games, so could we have Premier League I and Premier League II?”

“Could we have a situation where we do invite Rangers and Celtic to Premier League II?. Why can we not unite the UK? More money would filter down if Rangers and Celtic could be given an opportunity to come in.”

Ignoring the grammatical nightmare that is having more than one tier with the word “Premier” in it, we’re likely to see this debate rumble on and on. And sure, Woodgate is on the right side of it.

But admittedly, today’s result is still quite funny.

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