Yet more details emerge about Postecoglou training at Celtic

By John McGinley

July 12, 2021

It’s a new week of Celtic preparations for the upcoming season kick-off against FC Midtjylland. The Bhoys have been hard at work again in Wales building fitness, sharpness and tactical understanding.

As has been customary on the trip to Wales, Celtic have been posting daily updates from the camp with training footage and an explanation of what has gone on from Paul Cuddihy.

I’ve welcomed the information and insight, even if it may be basic for those with a greater understanding of how football training works.

For the wider support, I think it’s a great bit of communication from the club.

Cuddihy said of today’s work: “The players have already gone through their warm-up, they’re now working on their exercises.

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“The first of these is a passing exercise. It’s all about controlling the ball, passing quickly and having the confidence to play one and two touch.

“They’ll then move to other side of the pitch where they’ll be working on possession exercises. Similar to the rondos we saw last week. It’s 3v3 and 4v4. For the team in possession, it’s all about controlling the tempo of the ball and passing. For the team out of possession, it’s all about quickness of the counter-press to regain control of the ball.

“Finally, they’ll finish with a game. There will be three mini-goals set-up, on the halfway line and goal line. The teams will get a point if they can score into the mini-goal or string ten consecutive passes together.”

John Kennedy and Gavin Strachan can then be seen heavily involved and barking orders to the players.

Photo by Matt King/Getty Images

There’s also a short clip of Ange Postecoglou saying: “They’re not going to want to play in this space, every day, we will.”

It seems this one and two-touch passing continues to be the big focus. We saw a bit of that in the first half against Charlton Athletic on Saturday. Hopefully, we get more progress against Bristol City.

Listen, I’ve been highly critical of the club’s communications and media in the past, so credit where it’s due. This is another video I loved.

More of this, please!

And yeah, let us know about the transfers as well eh?

You can watch the full video on the club’s YouTube account.

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