Yokohama F Marinos capitalise on Celtic appointment

By John McGinley

June 13, 2021

Yokohama F Marinos still adore new Celtic manager Ange Postecoglou despite his appointment in Scotland.

We’ve discussed that on the website before. From social media tributes to inspirational videos, the club and supporters have conducted themselves in a classy way. They really want to see the new Celtic boss succeed in Scotland.

More curious is the merchandise they’ve put on sale in Japan following his departure!

Marinos have launched a full range of commemorative merchandise on their website, ranging from £8 keychains right up to £142 tops.

Could you imagine if Celtic did something like this when Brendan Rodgers left the club? That would’ve been a right laugh.

The Celtic board probably wish we had a similar culture to Japan so they could get away with it! If they’d tried there would have been protests outside of the stadium.

Fair play to Marinos for making the best out of a bad situation. And fair play to their fans for being so sound about Postecoglou’s departure.

As I’ve stated before, if he leaves Glasgow with even half as much admiration as he has in Japan he’ll have definitely won silverware with us.

We still don’t know much about our new manager but it seems he’s a galvanising figure for supporters. I’m looking forward to seeing if he can do that with our fans.

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