The tone of feeling around the Eddie Howe to Celtic speculation has shifted dramatically in the last 48 hours as more and more supporters get anxious about the situation. There’s not much excitement anymore.

It’s tense out there.

A quick look at Twitter throws up all sorts of panicky opinion and chatter. Have Celtic blown it again? Is Peter Lawwell to blame? Is Eddie Howe being arrogant? Have we entered another John McGinn situation?

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That’s a natural response to some of the reporting and quotes flying around. The decision-makers at Celtic Park haven’t really earned any goodwill given the last 12 months. I’m not judging those pessimistic about the club and I’m not singling the above out for any other reason than a demonstration of the general feeling I’m seeing on social media.


As we discussed last night, Howe’s (unnamed) agent went on the record to talk up his client. That’s their job and is to be expected. Should we really be worried?

When you think about the speculation going on over the last week, Howe’s representatives have probably been hammered for a quote from multiple outlets on multiple occasions.

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In the end they briefed Sky Sports, The Daily Mail and others with the same short statement.

Much has been made of that and the quotes have been disseminated for Celtic supporters in a variety of ways – from ‘twists’ to ‘blows’ to ‘delays’.

Not much has changed for Eddie Howe or Celtic

The reality is not much has changed from last week. The comments from his agent presented Howe in the best possible light while maintaining the best possible public negotiating position. That’s completely normal.

Yes, Howe probably prefers to officially take charge from the summer. That’s fine in my book – it wouldn’t stop an early announcement.

Yes, Crystal Palace probably have Howe in mind as a potential candidate should they get rid of Roy Hodgson. I think everyone has been well aware of that for a while based on the reporting out there. That was as true last week as today.

Is all of this dragging on longer than some thought? Undoubtedly. But football is a complex and expensive business. Far from ‘demands’ being made from each side, it’s likely there are simply discussions about the direction of travel for Celtic and if Howe fits into that.

Celtic Eddie Howe

Former Bournemouth manager Eddie Howe is heavily linked with Celtic / (Photo by Michael Steele/Getty Images)

There are a lot of considerations to make as the club embark on a restructuring that hopefully sets us up for years. Who will have responsibility for what? How much accountability will any new appointees have?

It’s not about arrogance or dithering or Celtic penny-pinching any other negative light being cast on the whole saga.

Ultimately this move has to be perfect for both parties. Howe is at a crossroads in his career and Celtic have a very important season ahead. It’d be silly to jump into bed without asking each other what they want for breakfast first.

I’m pretty relaxed about it all. Until we hear the negotiations have ‘stalled’ or any other buzzword has happened to them, we can have comfort it’s all moving in one direction, however slowly. Last night’s comments didn’t change anything.

In other news, David Martindale isn’t afraid of Celtic ahead of this weekend’s match.

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