Barry Ferguson is in denial about the attraction of his old team up against Celtic and Ange

By John McGinley

March 4, 2022

Former Rangers captain Barry Ferguson insists if the messaging of the upcoming trip to Australia with Celtic was different then his supporters would be on board.

The two clubs are due to play a derby together in Sydney this November as part of the Sydney Super Cup – a move that has proven controversial for supporters of both clubs.

I have to say though, Celtic fans don’t seem quite as annoyed about it all. Given there’s the Ange Postecoglou factor, it feels more natural for us to be heading across the world while Scottish football is shut down.

Photo by Mark Runnacles/Getty Images

Rangers seem to be coming along as our supporting act. But Ferguson doesn’t think that’s reality, simply marketing.

Speaking to The Daily Record he said: “As much as fans may not like it, I’m sure they can see the commercial benefits from agreeing to take part and the money should then help strengthen the team with better players. But they were made to feel as if the club wasn’t coming clean and that’s where the anger kicked in.

“Rangers allowed Celtic to package the tournament up as a homecoming for Ange Postecoglou and made it look like Rangers are just a willing sideshow to the main event – which is almost as far from the truth as the Opera House is from the Armadillo.

“Trust me, Rangers are a big deal in Australia and my old mate Craig Moore has told me fans down there are buzzing over the prospect of the game.

“This isn’t an Angeball world tour. It’s about one of the biggest clubs in the world meeting fans in another country. That’s the message Rangers should have put out from the start.”

Ange thrusts unsung heroes into the spotlight, as Celtic get a major pre-Livingston boost

Ange thrusts unsung heroes into the spotlight, as Celtic get a major pre-Livingston boost
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The thing is Barry, this IS literally an Angeball world tour. It’s not Celtic putting that messaging out there. That was actually the exact phrase the official A-League accounts were using this week to promote it.

Rangers may have supporters clubs in Australia – in fact, I’m sure they do. But the main appeal of this appears to be Ange himself.

Even the NSW Government used his name and pull extensively in the official press release, on the Australian side, of this event. Rangers came across as an afterthought because, in this scenario, they are.

It may be an inconvenient fact for Ferguson and their fans that Rangers are tagging along like a sideshow, but that is exactly what is happening here. That’s what you’ve signed up to and that will become clear in November.

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