Bold Dom McKay claim is proof Postecoglou has massive backing from Celtic supporters

By Euan Davidson

July 1, 2021

Celtic CEO Dom McKay will absolutely delighted today, as will Ange Postecoglou.

If you were the new Chief Executive or Manager of a football club, then you’d surely see season ticket sales as a barometer of popularity. We’re not Real Madrid or Barcelona, there are few opportunities beyond AGMs to actually vote on anything at the club. It’s things like ticket sales, merchandise, match day revenue and commercial performance that tells a club if it’s going down well with supporters.

So, to hear today that Celtic fans broke a one-day record for Season Ticket sales is equivalent to a giant thumbs up. McKay even got the chance to stick the boot into our rivals, saying:

“…Yet again we have the highest number of Season Ticket holders in the country backing the team for the season ahead – a phenomenal figure which is quickly approaching sell-out.”

Nice. Very nice indeed. But what’s also worth considering is that those one-day sales were on the same day Postecoglou was properly revealed to fans. And while praising the board isn’t something we do often, Dom McKay has played an absolute blinder here. Most of us, being honest, didn’t know much of anything about the ex-Australia boss. But on the day he met both traditional and fan media for the first time, season ticket sales were colossal.

That’s testament to how well Postecoglou has been “sold” to Celtic supporters. The man deserves some credit here.

Ange Postecoglou: marketed extremely well / (Credit – Celtic FC)

From confusion and dismay to unparalleled excitement; McKay played a blinder with Postecoglou

After the Eddie Howe deal collapsing, you’d have been forgiven for thinking Celtic fans, en masse, just wouldn’t be into renewing. Whoever we hired would be an also-ran. There was genuine worry about someone like Jack Ross or Roy Keane joining the club. An uninspiring hire could’ve put us, and McKay, in a very different situation.

But McKay, instead, made a calculated risk. He would’ve known there’d be initial scepticism over someone like Ange Postecoglou. He’s never succeeded in Europe! What’s the Japanese league ever done? Could this guy handle the Scottish media? Does he have his coaching badges [Sydney Morning Herald]?

Yet, McKay must’ve known that a support as voracious as ours, with so many excellent fan media outlets and a piranha-tank newspaper industry would do their homework. So it proved; within days, Celtic fans were starting to warm to the idea. Then, as speculation grew, so did anticipation.

When the deal was ostensibly done, Postecoglou instantly introduced himself to supporters, alongside McKay. That was important. The freshness around Celtic was made blindingly obvious to fans. The former SRU man instantly hitched his reputation to the surging popularity of our new boss. So far, very, very good.

Now the hard work begins / (Photo by Han Myung-Gu/Getty Images)

CEO’s second major victory; and he’s only really one day in

If convincing the board to hire Ange Postecoglou was McKay’s first major win at Celtic, then this season ticket news is undoubtedly his second.

Again; nobody would’ve been surprised if season ticket sales were down. If they’d been at record lows, perhaps there’d be raised eyebrows. It can’t be understated how much of a result this was.

In the end, it was simple; hearing from the manager, getting an idea of his training regime, and hearing him hit key talking points all worked.

No doubt, there’ll be other clubs watching how slick an operation this ended up being. After months and months of board bungling, with one crisis after another, the club actually look quite functional.

Who could’ve predicted that?

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