Celtic are letting insane rumours spread through silence

By Euan Davidson

April 23, 2021

Already this week in Celtic Land, we’ve seen eye-watering speculation about a range of topics.

For example, if you believe everything you read, you’d think Jose Mourinho was coming to the club [Sun] and that we’re imminently joining some kind of monstrous cross-border league. As the discerning type of football media outlet, we’ve done our best to try to cut through the rumours and provide some context.

Yet, it seems the actual football club we support might want to do the same. Over this week, we’ve barely heard anything from the club. Apart from an ‘On This Day’ about Kieran Tierney, and the sale of Patryk Klimala, the club’s social media announced nothing yesterday.

Now, it isn’t Celtic’s job to be the arbiters of what the press are saying about the club. It’s not as if we’re hoping for a daily “Aye/Naw” briefing from the board, addressing every scurrilous rumour or gossip column. That’d be ridiculous, obviously.

But these things have real-life impact. One, these things stress out supporters and can lead to revolt. Two, and surely the board will recognise this, it has material impact on investment into the club. Yesterday, the share price shot up seemingly out of nowhere.

Celtic supporters: not asking for too much, surely? / (Photo by Mark Runnacles/Getty Images)

All we’ve wanted is more communication from Celtic

Again: it’s not the club’s job to brief fans on what to believe, and what not to believe. However, the quieter the club becomes around big news topics, the more ridiculous rumours will spread. We’ve heard next to nothing about a new manager for a considerable length of time. Everyone and anyone will be linked so long as the club refuse to comment.

Equally, it’d be heartening if, one way or other, Celtic could make some kind of statement of intent on its future plans. Obviously, the club won’t be cavalier and suggest sweeping reform only to be hoisted by its own petard, they’re not daft like that.

Still, there are so many issues, not least of which the season ticket/shares proposal, with which the club has an opportunity to be more transparent. Some more opportunities to speak to the club directly, to make things a little less opaque between the supporters and Celtic, would be beneficial to all parties.

Especially with season ticket sales surely on the horizon. In the near-future, the club will ask its gigantic fanbase to invest heavily in the running of Celtic, via ticket sales. We, as fans, are the number one financial driver. Maybe we aren’t necessarily owed better communication from the board, but as “stakeholders”, if you like, it’d be a massive boost.

The more things stay quiet, the more markets will panic. Fans will eventually become distrusting (if they aren’t already). It surely doesn’t take much to let us in a little bit, beyond seeing how training is going.

It doesn’t feel like we’re asking for the moon on a stick, here.

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