Celtic boss Ange Postecoglou already has rival media figures panicking

By David Walton

July 4, 2021

It appears that the new Celtic boss Ange Postecoglou already has Rangers media figures searching for desperate angles after his appointment.

We knew there would be a campaign to bring down the Hoops manager as soon as he was announced. With his lack of experience in Europe, people haven’t been able to talk about much other than his lack of experience in Europe.

Forget the fact that Postecoglou has had success wherever he’s gone of course. Forget the fact he has A-League and J-League titles to his name. Yokohama F.Marinos gave Ange the respect he deserved and look what it brought them.

Postecoglou’s appointment has brought some much-needed unity to the football club. The Celtic fans are willing to give both he and new CEO Dom McKay a chance to thrive. And it appears that renewed sense of unity has sent the Ibrox media contingent into panic mode.

First up it was Cammy Bell voicing major concerns about Ange’s experience. He bizarrely said that the title race could be over after the first month [Daily Record].

An exciting seven days for Celtic fans is about to get underway

We’ve also had Dave King, the former Rangers chairman, come out and give his two cents worth. He compared the appointment to that of failed Ibrox boss Pedro Caixinha [Scottish Sun]. That’s despite the fact Postecolou has a vast history of success and a recognised playing style. Something the King appointment of Caixinha failed to boast.

Yawn – Celtic boss Ange Postecoglou already has Rangers media figures trying to talk him down.

Not to mention former Rangers player Gordon Smith was also pushing the big risk angle instead of talking up his achievements last month too [Glasgow Times].

The only one to have shown a proper level of respect towards the new Celtic boss is Barry Ferguson. He consistently talked up Postecoglou in his piece in the Record this week. He believes that the appointment could be good news for Rangers, but only because Postecoglou’s appointment means Celtic look ready to hit back and force the Ibrox club into rallying.

For the most part, however, there have been too many Rangers figures pushing the same old narrative. A desperation to bring Ange down a peg given both his impressive reputation and personality.

Dave King has been talking nonsense about Celtic yet again (Photo by Steve Welsh/Getty Images)

It’s becoming clear that the Ibrox media figures are seeing the same things we’re seeing. They’re seeing a togetherness. A club that isn’t actually in the crisis they believed losing 10-in-a-row would throw us into.

Ferguson’s comments is perhaps a truer nature of how many other former Ibrox players and chairmen feel about Ange. The problem is, too many of them are scared to admit it.

Celtic look ready to strike back, and it already has many Ibrox media figures in panic mode.

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