Celtic CEO McKay can push on with key promise after Strachan resolution

By Euan Davidson

September 10, 2021

Despite the likely disappointment around Celtic Park over star striker Kyogo, Dom McKay might still be feeling a little relieved this morning.

The Celtic CEO has managed to avoid a potential controversy. Bringing in Gordon Strachan as a consultant was a widely questioned move, even if just for 3 months. But the SFA have given Strachan license to give his input at Celtic Park.

With the potential of a conflict of interest, it’s no wonder the SFA took a look [Sun]. But McKay has come out of this unscathed. Now he can work on a key promise he made to Celtic supporters upon his arrival.

Alongside Ange Postecoglou at a fan media conference, McKay said:

“My intention is… to make sure we evolve and modernise the club. So what does that mean? What that means to me, is looking at every single part of the club.

“We want to look at all parts of the organisation, including the Academy, to make sure it’s World Class, and make sure it’s ready for the next 10 years. We need to evolve that, modernise that further, and we’ll absolutely do that.”

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Is Gordon Strachan part of Celtic CEO McKay plans for “world-class” structures?

Given that Strachan’s remit will be primarily the Academy and the B Team, he surely fits into what McKay is trying to achieve at Celtic. Whether or not the ex-Celtic and Scotland boss is the right person for the task is your own call to make.

Seeing Strachan’s name in the context of “modernisation” might seem like somewhat of a juxtaposition. His style of football, especially at Celtic, wasn’t exactly cutting edge. Successful, broadly, but not particularly modern or inventive.

Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

However, Celtic CEO Dom McKay knows Strachan is experienced, and has always been keen to develop young talent at club level. With his years of management, McKay is banking on Strachan having the wherewithal to improve the structures for youth development and coaching for the next ten years.

That might be shrewd. Although you’d expect McKay to add in some different voices when he’s making infrastructure decisions. It’s likely to take a while, and Strachan surely won’t be the only consultant that the CEO brings in over the next year, at least.

The appointment of Strachan, even temporarily, shows McKay’s commitment to the promises he’s made, though. If we can take anything objectively positive from this latest Strachan drama, it’s probably that the CEO is trying to follow through on what he offered supporters.

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