Celtic fans have proven we're "faithful through and through"; now time for Club to deliver

By Euan Davidson

June 29, 2021

Would it have been a shock if Celtic season ticket sales were dramatically down?

Furthermore, after a year of turmoil, disappointment with the board and bad performances, would fans have been expected to renew so readily? For the club to sell at least 46,000 season tickets, with thousands more on the Waiting List [Celtic FC]?

Probably not. In fact, the Club themselves would’ve expected to take at least a modest hit. Yet, maybe we’re either gluttons for potential punishment, or impossibly, lovingly dedicated to this football club. Beyond the talk of “warring factions”, the dissent, the transfer talk, we’ve proven we will turn up in our tens of thousands. Maybe, after all, it should never have been in doubt.

But given where we were just a month or so ago, it’s incredible progress. The atmosphere in the Hoops fanbase is so much better; we’re embracing a brand new era at the club. The internationalist, all welcome ethos extends to a risky but exciting managerial hire, who has immense experience outside of Europe.

The right things have been said, but even if there hadn’t been such a clear PR drive to sell season tickets, there’s a fierce devotion to this Club that will not go away easily. But now it’s on Celtic to justify us parting with another several hundred quid with a pandemic still raging.

Celtic fans have been through it, now it’s time for a resurgence

You know what the good part about going through the rough spells together? The resurgence is even sweeter. Now, of course, we should never have been in the positions we found ourselves in last season. Bad planning, relying on old names and a tired, complacent approach were our undoing. It helped matters little that, for all of their recent turmoil, Rangers actually had their stuff together for 20-21.

There are wounds and chasms between the Club and parts of the support that won’t heal easily, of course. The relationships between supporters’ groups and the PLC have soured dramatically. The impacts of last season will remain important for a long time to come, and none of this is to excuse the board for what went wrong last season.

Celtic supporters: faithful, but won’t be fooled / (Photo by Mark Runnacles/Getty Images)

So what do they do now? They have to arm Postecoglou to the teeth. He needs a budget, he needs to make the signings that he wants, with a solid scouting network behind him. Postecoglou needs promising youngsters making a difference in the Academy.

He needs players willing to follow his instructions to the letter, and a Club that will facilitate those aims.

And as supporters, we need honesty, we need transparency and to be treated as more than customers. During the doldrums of the last season, we were kept at arm’s length. The fan media access to Celtic Park for Postecoglou’s unveiling shows potential, but there’s still plenty to be done.

These could be exciting times. We have signed up, in vast numbers, to get behind the team for what ought to be another tantalising era. If it’s a false dawn, don’t bet on the same numbers again. The board have survived a huge scare here, through the passion and faith of the fanbase. It’s incumbent on them not to squander this opportunity.

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