Celtic’s email update to supporters was a start, but it’s what the club does from here on in that’s important.

We at 67HailHail have been banging away at the idea Celtic need to be more communicative with their supporters. To an extend, they finally provided fans with an update on the new manager search, season tickets, and new CEO Dominic McKay on Friday.

Their update on the new managerial search was flimsy. They didn’t give much away on season tickets either. However, regarding McKay, he and outgoing Chief Executive Peter Lawwell plan to have met with all supporters’ groups by this coming week.

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That was the only real point worthy of any note. The rest was the usual waffle of nonsense without any substance. But at the very least, it was something. It was something that showed a willingness to open back up to the supporters who have gone through hell this season.

Granted, they still didn’t bring themselves to apologise for the season we’ve just endured. Still no real accountability for the horror show that was our 10IAR “pursuit”. But we can look beyond that if there’s a renewed willingness and understanding that they must start providing supporters with genuine information.

The meeting with supporters’ groups is a promising sign. Hopefully, some of the more key concerns fans have will be discussed at length as well as something substantial on the club’s long-term plans both on and off the field.

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Celtic’s email update lays the foundation for a more promising approach to fan engagement

But what can’t happen now is that the club goes into another prolonged period of silence. Another several weeks of nothing with no indication on how we’ll be structured for the season ahead.

To be frank, the email update didn’t have enough genuine information for it to be taken as anything other as a promising sign of engagement. No, we don’t expect constant updates on the managerial situation and the specifics regarding why there may be holds-ups and all the rest of it.

Celtic sales pitch

Incoming Celtic CEO Dominic McKay / (Photo by ROSLAN RAHMAN/AFP via Getty Images)

But there are still things Celtic could do with informing supporters about. Aspects such as how long they plan to go on without a permanent manager at the helm. What’s their ideal deadline for an appointment to be made? Are they even looking for a sporting director anymore? What stage of the rebuild do they see us being at come the time of the Champions League qualifiers in July?

These are all questions that could do with being answered. Fans don’t expect the club to reveal all of the details of discussions behind-the-scenes. That would be counter-productive and could come back to embarrass the club. What we expect, however, is more than we’re getting.

That’s why Celtic’s email update is a positive start, but nothing more.

In other news, watch as this forgotten Rodgers signing slammed home his 10th goal of the season.

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