Class Celtic announcement shows excitement can come from nowhere this summer

By Euan Davidson

July 1, 2021

What a day, troops: Celtic have shored up some important business in an absolute flash.

Well, in a sense. While the renewal of Leigh Griffiths’ contract and the surprise signing of Osaze Urhoghide were probably planned well in advance, Celtic supporters found out through the club, and with no hints given. It makes you think; what have supporters been saying over the last while?

That stories are being leaked rather than shared by the club, and that we take ages to do anything.

Let’s break the first one down. In the case of both Griffiths and Urhoghide, we found out from club announcements. The Celtic Twitter has been incredibly busy today, and are immediately linking to full quotes and all the proper information you’d expect. This morning, for example, we didn’t know anything about Urhoghide’s potential move to Celtic.

This evening, we’ve got an Ange Postecoglou interview, and quotes from Leigh Griffiths [Celtic FC] and Urhoghide [Celtic FC].

An exciting seven days for Celtic fans is about to get underway

Not bad. Not bad at all, in fact. If this is a sign of the improved communication that Dom McKay has been at pains to stress, then we can’t really complain.

And as for the taking ages part? Obviously, we have no real idea as to the exact timescale. It’s not unfeasible to think that as Celtic pursued Liam Shaw, his teammate was also catching glances from scouts. But we went from report, to further speculation, to an announcement within a day.

If this is the new status quo from Celtic, then long may it last

How often did you feel entirely unattached to Celtic last season? Not in the sense of not supporting them. But from a communication standpoint, a knowledge standpoint. It seemed like the best that we, as supporters, could do was to lob speculation at the wall, and guess as to what’s happening at Parkhead.

Dom McKay is having quite the honeymoon period / (Credit – Celtic FC)

And that caused wounds that will take a long time to heal, no question. The “New Year review” and, in fact, almost anything to do with Neil Lennon was handled abysmally. That was true at the time, and even truer in hindsight. At the risk of getting Dom McKay in trouble with his new bosses: he’s showing you up here, lads.

This is how a club is meant to be run, from a communications view. The process of filtering information has – it seems – cut out the middle man. We can take in absolutes about what Celtic are up to, because they’re telling us what they’re up to. It’s ridiculous to actually type that, but it’s such a contrast to even two months ago, in the height of Howe-mania.

What progress! But that doesn’t mean they’re off the hook. It’s a very promising sign, though, and if there are more days like today, we’re in for quite the summer.

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