The big mysteries surrounding Ange Postecoglou that Celtic have to clear up from the start

By John McGinley

May 31, 2021

Whether you’re feeling positive, negative or neutral about Ange Postecoglou’s potential appointment at Celtic, there is undeniably some key information missing that supporters need to know about.

Little is known about the 55-year-old in Scotland and communication with the fans is going to be key if the club want this guy to energise supporters and remain season ticket holders.

Even beyond that financial reality though, there are a few concerns circulating online that really do have to be addressed from the start. And I’m talking from the very start.

A short, curt, ebullient statement announcing this guy isn’t going to cut it.

Obviously, the club will try to be as positive as possible, but they also need to front up on issues that are causing serious concerns – if not in that statement, then in any follow-up press conferences.

Only by slicing through the spin and being honest with supporters are they going to win anyone over.

Will Ange Postecoglou have his own Celtic staff?

This is perhaps the key concern amongst many supporters right now. The thought of John Kennedy and Gavin Strachan following this guy about at Celtic is putting a lot of people off after last season.

When Brendan Rodgers was announced as manager, Chris Davies didn’t arrive until days later. I’m not sure fans will accept that this time around.

Even if we don’t know their identity, the club have to confirm whether or not Postecoglou is working towards bringing his own coaches in and a timeframe for that.

If Kennedy and Strachan are staying, the club need to clearly state why beyond platitudes and propaganda.

Hell mend them if they try to brass neck this one.

Who is Fergal Harkin and what was his role in the manager search?

Let’s be honest, nobody really knows much about Fergal Harkin. All we really have is some vague online profiles and a job history.

It’s been reported by Sky Sports that Harkin was the man who recommended Postecoglou to Celtic.

If that’s true, is he going to be our new sporting director? Why has he been appointed, if so? What is the timeframe for that and why hasn’t he been appointed already? What are Celtic’s informal or formal links to the City Football Group?

It’s a bit of a shambles we’re still asking questions about who is going to be heading up the football department in June, but mistakes have been made and the onus is on Celtic to be clearer with communication and clue everyone in about what on earth is going on.

Celtic have been heavily linked with Ange Postecoglou / (Photo by Quinn Rooney/Getty Images)

What’s this UEFA Pro Licence stuff all about?

We’ve already stated on 67 Hail Hail that it’s unlikely this UEFA licence issue is going to cause a problem with the new manager if he arrives. But the fact is we don’t know for sure.

Other outlets are running with this story in a big way with screaming headlines. It’s spooking some people, rightly or wrongly.

Celtic will need to address this from the off and tell us what’s going on, whether his AFC Pro Licence applies in this country and whether or not he needs to complete more coaching badges while doing the job, as Steven Gerrard did at Rangers.

It might not be great PR to admit he doesn’t have a UEFA licence, but just be honest and upfront with supporters – it’s the least we deserve after this season.

In other news, Celtic loanee Vakoun Bayo finishes French season with 13 goals in 36 games.