The Celtic "rebuild" vision is scattered, unclear and confusing

By Euan Davidson

May 18, 2021

Did anyone else in the Celtic support get a sense of dread and déjà vu today, when we were linked once again with James McCarthy?

Should say, this is absolutely no harm to the former Hamilton man. Said to be a massive Celtic supporter, surely it’d be his dream to spend the Autumn of his career with his boyhood club. He’s still a decent player, and the experience of over 270 Premier League matches is valuable [Transfermarkt].

So in theory, there’s a lot going for that particular move. However, it’s hard not to look at the same old names popping up and not feel a tad sceptical about the people in charge of Celtic. Well, for this, and so many reasons, but there’s only so much you can write in one article.

The point is that we don’t know how extensive this “rebuild” is going to be. We don’t know who it’ll be built around, and we don’t know who’s in charge of our transfer policy. Are we looking to populate the squad with young talents who can be sold on for a profit? Or, are Academy players going to get a look-in? Are experienced heads going to slot into the first XI for a season or two, before more wholesale changes?

The truth is that nobody has a clue.

Crystal Palace’s James McCarthy / (Photo by Sebastian Frej/MB Media/Getty Images)

"Carl Starfelt to Celtic is a big possibility" | Swedish journalist Anel Avdić

The more the silence continues from Celtic, the more frustrating it gets

Look, nobody is expecting that tomorrow, we’ll get a Sporting Director and Manager in, who’ll answer all of our questions at their first press conference. It’d be nice, sure, and it’d make my day a lot easier. But it won’t happen, nor would any reasonable supporter suggest that it will.

Still, this is gone from tedious to aggravating. We’ve given the Celtic board plenty of excuses and time, after all, this is an organisation that takes its time to get things done right. Yet, we’re at the mercy of a Championship club’s play-off run. With the league finished, we’re at the risk of putting a threadbare side out in the Champions League qualifiers.

It’s easy to sit here and moan, because we’re not in the corridors of power. We don’t get it, we don’t understand how hard the board work and so on, ad nauseam. If it was easy, anyone could do it. Yet, it never, ever looks easy, certainly not in comparison with clubs around us who seem to plan beyond their next lunch break.

We should probably expect something concrete this week or next. But you’d have assumed the club’s prerogative would be to appease the supporters. Any other company in the world wouldn’t tackle poor performance with… well, nothing. No kind of announcement whatsoever, barring sharing our shirt sponsor with Santos.

The club needs to get a move on for so many reasons. But foremost of those is because there’s an almost entirely new squad to build. Supporters have no idea what kind of players Celtic want, and no indication of concrete interest in really anyone. It’s bizarre.

Please, just get something announced that we can get behind.

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